Ireland is still locked down and it looks like our government is about to announce that we’re going to stay that way for a while yet, so I thought I’d spend an evening talking to YOU!

On Wednesday April 14th at 7.30pm Irish time, I’m going to do a webinar. (Even though I detest that word. Think of it more like a Zoom chat with charts and graphs.) In it, I’m basically going to tell you how I do this, i.e. all the stuff I wish someone had told me way back when. It’s suitable for writers at any stage, be that daydreaming, aspiring, struggling or even doing okay but hey it won’t hurt. It’s not crime or thriller specific, although it IS 100% for writers of genre, popular or commercial fiction – whatever you prefer to call it. You can tune in live or watch back for up to 7 days afterwards.

We’ll cover:

  • Why the idea is KING
  • 3 ways to plot your story
  • Getting through the muddy middle
  • Finishing that first draft
  • The best advice I ever got
  • Turning the odds in your favour
  • Jurassic Park (obviously – this is me we’re talking about!)

This is the arseholery bit, but there seems to have been a rash of online writing courses pop up during lockdown, so why bother with THIS one, eh?

  • I make my living writing novels
  • No. 1 Irish bestseller
  • No. 1 Kindle UK bestseller
  • USA Today bestseller
  • Published in 11 other languages
  • Rewind has been optioned for TV
  • The Liar’s Girl was an Edgar Best Novel Finalist
  • Who doesn’t love Jurassic Park?!

Find out more about me here.

The same things come up again and again in my feedback whenever I do stuff like this: refreshing, honest and what’s with all the JP chat, eh? I think the first two come from the fact that I am not a Debbie Downer. I think it’s entirely possible that you can get published and have your dream job IF you know what you’re doing, you work your arse off and you have a great idea for a book. Let me help you with those first and last bits.

This webinar will last approximately 2 hours and all you need to attend is an internet connection. Don’t be scared: you won’t be forced to write anything or – shudder – do group work. You’ll be sent home with a handout so you won’t have to furiously scribble down everything I say or that you see onscreen.

NB: The more books I write, the more I learn and the more I learn, the better I am at communicating what I know to other people. The plotting stuff, in particular. If you’ve done a workshop with me before 2019-ish, this will be mostly new stuff.


*whispers* Jurassic Park III is criminally underrated.

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