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The Ryan Tubridy Show, RTÉ Radio 1, August 2019

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“The most terrifying true crime book I ever read is called Give Me Everything You Have: On Being Stalked by James Lasdun. Yet no one is murdered in its two hundred and twenty-four pages. No one awakes in the dead of night to a noise downstairs, no one disappears without trace, no one is even physically hurt … What does happen is that someone—Lasdun—is harassed by a self-styled ‘verbal terrorist’ who, over a period of several years, infiltrates every public and private corner of his life in an apparent attempt to set fire to it. Her weapon of choice? Emails.”

Technology is a Crime Writer’s Best Friend, CrimeReads, September 2019


On The Shelf from the Sunday Times in association with Bewley’s, hosted by Eithne Shortall, October 2019