Coming August 3 UK & Ireland/August 1 USA

‘You think they’d do something about the taxi shortage,’ he says. ‘Especially with the missing women.’

Stranded on a dark road in the middle of the night, a young woman accepts a lift from a passing stranger. It’s the nightmare scenario that every girl is warned about, and she knows the danger all too well – but what other choice does she have?

As they drive, she alternates between fear and relief – one moment thinking he is just a good man doing a good thing, the next convinced he’s a monster. But when he delivers her safely to her destination, she realizes her fears were unfounded.

And her heart sinks. Because a monster is what she’s looking for.

She’ll try again tomorrow night. But will the man who took her sister take the bait?

Inspired by a series of still-unsolved disappearances, THE TRAP is the startlingly original new thriller from internationally bestselling author Catherine Ryan Howard.


Available to pre-order in hardcover, ebook and audio

Topical, twisty, and with a real heart stopper of a moment halfway in that’ll make you turn the lights back on.

Gillian McAllister

Catherine Ryan Howard is a master thriller writer.

Sarah Pearse on Run Time

Catherine Ryan Howard is ridiculously talented.

Chris Whitaker

Catherine Ryan Howard is one of the best crime writers around.

Sinéad Crowley

A heart-in-your-mouth, punch-you-in-the-gut, gripping thriller. This book will leave you breathless, terrified, and desperate for more.

L.C. North

Add it to your must-buy lists, because it is fantastic . . . Howard’s books really stand out as some of the absolute best, with clever plotting, interesting and often funny characters, and excellent twists. A real treat for anyone who loves an atmospheric thriller. 


At or near the top of any list of superb Irish thriller writers these days is Catherine Ryan Howard.

Washington Post

Pure nerve-shredding suspense from the first page to the last. Once I’d started reading I could. Not. Stop.

Erin Kelly on Run Time

The queen of high-concept crime fiction.

Jane Casey

A breakneck thriller with so many twists and turns that your head will spin. I absolutely tore through The Trap.

Holly Seddon

Nobody writes thrillers like Catherine Ryan Howard.

Alice Feeney on Run Time

Catherine Ryan Howard never fails to write something that’s inventive, creative, and captivating

Samantha Downing on Run Time

Catherine Ryan Howard is a crime writer at the top of her game.

CL Taylor on Run Time