Watch the REWIND Book Trailer

Greetings from the road! I’m in the last week of what feels like a month of travelling: I went from a week teaching crime writing at West Cork Lit Fest to a fun-filled 24 hours at Harrogate, to Geneva to teach plotting at a writing retreat on Lake Annecy to, as of today, officially being on holiday somewhere sunny. (And… relax.) But I wanted to share with you the utterly amazing – and seriously creepy! – book trailer for Rewind which Blackstone, my American publishers, made. Perhaps don’t watch it right before you go to bed…

Rewind will be published in the UK and Ireland on August 22 and in North America on September 3. Find out more about the book here.

3 thoughts on “Watch the REWIND Book Trailer

  1. Patricia Herrera says:

    Looks amazing – I am also hoping it will also be soon available as an audiobook as it was listed on but now says it is unavailable, so will be waiting for it with baited breath as I can get so much more done listening. Great concept.

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