How To Get An Edgar Nomination in 72 Easy Steps

Last week I wrote a new blog post for, or rather I updated an old one. I took my How To Get Published in 50 Easy Steps post and added the extra ones needed to get to where I am now, i.e. an Edgar nomination. It’s been a long, long road – that involved F1 Champion Jacques Villeneuve, Disneyworld and several John Mayer albums…

In May 2016, my biggest dream came true: my debut thriller, Distress Signals, was published. I had wanted to get a novel published since I was 8 years old and the journey to that moment had taken much longer and had many more twists than I ever could’ve anticipated. To mark the occasion, I wrote a tongue-in-cheek blog post called How To Get Published in 50 Easy Steps.

Last week I learned that my second novel, The Liar’s Girl, has been nominated for an Edgar Award by the Mystery Writers of America. Their coveted Best Novel award has been awarded since 1954 and previous winners include titans of the genre like Raymond Chandler, Ian Rankin, Minette Walters, Dennis Lehane and Stephen King, who won it in 2015 for Mr Mercedes. I can’t say this is a dream come true, because I didn’t even dream it! To be even tenuously linked to such names is beyond incredible and it’s only in the last few days – helped, probably, by my latest deadline on Book 3, ahem – that I’ve come back down to earth.

And so now, to mark THIS occasion, I’ve updated my list.