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Ten years ago this year, I did something slightly dramatic and incredibly reckless: I quit my Proper Job and booked myself into a holiday home by the sea in East Cork. (I totally blame Alex Barclay for this because I read an interview where she said she finished her first novel in holiday homes around Ireland in the wintertime.) This holiday home was actually not very close to the sea, it was more like in the middle of nowhere. And it was November. And I don’t drive and I was alone. The idea was that with no wifi, no company and only two channels of static on the TV, I’d get loads of writing done. And I did. But in an isolated house in the desolate cold of an Irish coastal winter – a house that felt like it had more windows than solid walls – I also didn’t get a proper night’s sleep for six weeks.

What was weird about this house was that, due to the aforementioned windows and isolation, it could be scary even during the day. There were huge double doors that led to the rear garden from the kitchen, and that garden was communal, i.e. there were no fences, walls, etc. Typing away at the kitchen table, I often wondered: what would I do if I looked up and a strange man was standing at the window, looking in at me? (Clearly born to be a crime writer, these were perfectly normal thoughts for me. How can a serial killer get me here?) There was no one around. I had no mobile phone reception. Glass is breakable. What would I do?


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Flash-forward now, I think, to the summer of 2016. I’m on holidays in one of my favourite places – a much nicer place than that holiday home – AKA Villefranche-sur-Mer, just outside Nice, France. My friend Andrea says, ‘Did you see what Postsecret posted on Instagram today?’ I take a look. It’s a picture of a bedroom and the secret on it says, ‘I swap hidden sex camera videos with other AirB&B hosts.’ I think, first of all, boy am I glad I never stayed in an AirB&B and then, immediately after that, what if you were doing that and you got more than you bargained for? What if you captured a murder on tape? How could you report it without revealing your own criminality? What if the murderer – somehow – knew the camera was there and who was watching?

This week, I revealed the cover for my third novel, Rewind. It’ll be published by Corvus in the UK and Ireland on September 5 and I hope to have American publication information for you soon (stay tuned). I am very, very, VERY excited about this one. Not only is the cover amazeballs, but I’ve had a lot of fun writing this book because of its structure. The idea is you’re ‘watching’ a ‘tape’ – but you start watching it in the middle. Then you have rewind to see what led up to this moment, at other points you fast-forward into the investigation, and sometimes you just let it play. What really happened will be presented to you out of order, but when you get to ‘The End’ – or STOP – you’ll know the whole, shocking truth.




Andrew, the manager of Shanamore Holiday Cottages, watches his only guest via a hidden camera in her room. One night the unthinkable happens: a shadowy figure emerges onscreen, kills her and destroys the camera. But who is the murderer? How did they know about the camera? And how will Andrew live with himself?



Natalie wishes she’d stayed at home as soon as she arrives in the wintry isolation of Shanamore. There’s something creepy about the manager. She wants to leave, but she can’t – not until she’s found what she’s looking for…



Psycho meets Fatal Attraction in this explosive story about a murder caught on camera. You’ve already missed the start. To get the full picture you must rewind the tape and play it through to the end, no matter how shocking…

From the bestselling crime writer shortlisted for the CWA John Creasey New Blood Dagger, the Irish Crime Novel of the Year and the Edgar Award for Best Novel comes an explosive story about a twisted voyeur and a terrible crime.


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