Stuff I’ve Been Doing (29 March)

1. Finishing my final year project. Which was submitted yesterday, thank FUDGE. We had the option of doing either a dissertation or 10,000 words of creative writing. No prizes for guessing which one I went for. (Yay for positive pencils.)


2. Getting windswept on the banks of the Grand Canal – right where a scene from The Liar’s Girl takes place, fun fact* – with Irish crime-writing superstar Liz Nugent, for secret reasons. (*This is totally a clue. All will be revealed soon.)


3. Drinking lots of coffee because now I have two academic essays to do while also continuing to write Book 3 and because I’ve booked a sort of DIY writing retreat so Book 3 doesn’t suffer, I’ve effectively shaved 10 days off the time I have to do these essays so I shouldn’t even be writing this blog post because I’ve so much to do and how did it get to be the afternoon already? COFFEE. (P.S. Loving the new Nespresso Vertuo machine. It makes a MUG.)


4. Being super thankful for all the amazing reviews The Liar’s Girl has got and continues to get. It really makes all the late nights, the scary deadlines and the, um, crying totally worth it. Read them all here.


5. Going to the Netherlands for a day. Once upon a time I worked there so this was basically a road trip down memory lane. Except I didn’t have time to take the weekend to do it, so I flew over and back on the same day. It was great fun and I didn’t fall asleep until I was on my flight back, despite having to get up at 3:15am to make this happen. Win.

(You get two Netherlands pictures because there isn’t a pic for reviews. The pic above is from the impossibly gorgeous town of Willemstad. The one below was taken in my personal fave, Breda.)


6. Seeing The Liar’s Girl in the shops and trying to act cool around my own sign but failing miserably. Thanks, Dubray Books!


7. (And 8. And 9. And 10.) Reminding people that if you live in the UK or Ireland, you can download The Liar’s Girl for just 99p! What?! Yes! Do it! But now, because it’ll be back up to full price soon! More exclamation marks!

Liar's Girl - ebook offer - 4

Find The Liar’s Girl on here.

Happy Easter!

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