The Liar’s Girl: Blurb Reveal

My desk is a very busy place at the moment, mostly because I can’t stop adding things to it (see my latest crafting project in the black frame below and more shenanigans on my Instagram) and partly because I felt as if I’d been struck by lightning while I was in Paris with the Bestest Book Idea Evah (disclaimer: they all feel like that when they’re new, I know) so I’m working on a synopsis for that and also fretting about all the books and articles I should be reading because my final year in college (FINAL? What?!) starts in a mere month’s time.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 15.03.13

So this is just a short post to say, ‘This is what my next thriller, The Liar’s Girl, coming March 2018 to both sides of the Atlantic, will be about.’

So, um, this is what my next thriller, The Liar’s Girl, coming March 2018 to both sides of the Atlantic, will be about:

PicMonkey Collage

Her first love confessed to five murders.

But the truth was so much worse.

Dublin’s notorious Canal Killer is ten years into his life sentence when the body of a young woman is fished out of the Grand Canal. Though detectives suspect a copycat is emulating the crimes Will Hurley confessed to as a teen, they turn to him for help. Will says he has the information the police need, but will only give it to one person – the girl he was dating when he committed his horrific crimes.

Alison Smith has spent a decade building a new life. Having moved abroad, she’s confident that her shattered life in Ireland is finally behind her. But when she gets a request from Dublin imploring her to help prevent another senseless murder, she is pulled back to face the past, and the man, she’s worked so hard to forget.

[Dum-dum-DUUUUMMM noise optional.]

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Now, back to drinking coffee while staring at the screen work…

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