Some Light Relief

Welcome to the Distress Signals Blogging Bonanza! What’s that, you’re wondering? Well, you can either go and read this post or read the next sentence. In a nutshell: Distress Signals was out in paperback in the UK and Ireland on January 5 and hits the U.S.A. on February 2, and every day in between I’m going to blog as per the schedule at the bottom of this post. 

So. I committed to blogging every single day for 28 days as per the schedule at the bottom of this post, and I have only 5 days to go. Yesterday was supposed to be a video blog day but I didn’t have time to film one, so I swapped stuff around and did the ‘One I Made Elsewhere‘ yesterday with the promise of a blog today. But then today turned out to be one of those days when you wake up, scroll through Twitter and want to weep for humanity. I don’t want to get all dramatic about it, but I just don’t feel like doing anything today. Not when every detail about what’s happening at airports all over the world – including here at Dublin airport – seems worse than the one before.

Therefore, no video blog today. But it’d be a shame to break my 28-day streak when there’s only a handful to go. So instead, I’m just going to point you in the direction of some light relief, which does involve writing (albeit screenwriting): Clark and Michael.

This was a 10-part CBS web series starring Michael Cera and Clark Duke from back in 2007. Done in a mockumentary style, it follows the fortunes of aspiring TV showrunners/out of work actors as they do everything wrong trying to get a TV show made. If you like the sort of ‘cringe comedy’ of things like The Office, Christopher Guest movies, The Comeback, etc., you’ll love this. All the episodes are on YouTube.


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