Sunday Morning Coffee Reads

Welcome to the Distress Signals Blogging Bonanza! What’s that, you’re wondering? Well, you can either go and read this post or read the next sentence. In a nutshell: Distress Signals is out in paperback in the UK and Ireland on January 5 and hits the U.S.A. on February 2, and every day in between I’m going to blog as per the schedule at the bottom of this post. Today is Sunday, which means we have a digest of the previous week’s activity plus some cool links I think you should check out… BUT as this really only started on Thursday, this is going to more of the links and less of the digest.

What You Might Have Missed

My 28-day blogging bonanza started on Thursday with a replay of an old post: Being On Submission Syndrome and, if you were following me on Twitter, me running all over Dublin town looking for my own book on the shelf. Then on Friday, a momentous occasion: my first ever (and possibly last ever) video blog. On Saturdays I’ve promised to point you in the direction I something I wrote elsewhere, and yesterday I sent you to to read what I wrote about setting yourself a big writing deadline in 2017.

Sunday Links

Assuming you’re settled on the sofa this Sunday morning with a big cup of coffee, here are some things I’ve come across that I think you might be interested in…

(Two of those I discovered only because of Iain Broome’s Shelflife, a newsletter I highly recommend you subscribe to.)

When Google Reader was still a thing, I read ALL the blogs. Okay, not all of them, but a huge amount. Then for some insane reason Google terminated GR, I just never got into Feedly or discovered any other blog reader that I was as comfortable with. These days, I do still read blogs, but it’s mostly because I see an interesting link on Twitter and follow it. So, tell me, what blogs do you really like to read? Please, DON’T say your own – I’m looking for actual recommendations here, not clearing some space so you can advertise in it (and I will delete any self-promo). If you don’t have a favourite blog, perhaps you’ve read a really good blog post recently and you can point us all in the direction of it? Let us know in the comments below…


Your 54th reminder: Distress Signals is out in paperback in Ireland and the UK now! If you’ve read it already, hunt down someone you know who likes thrillers and tell them that my rent is very, very high. (Or that you liked it, if you did. You know, whatever works.) If you have no idea what I’m talking about and you’re not quite done with your procrastination yet today, you can find out more about Distress Signals here.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee Reads

  1. Matt Wainwright says:

    Alec Nevala-Lee has a pretty awesome blog: He’s an author, writes mostly around the thriller and sci-fi genres, but very knowledgable and a master of his craft. His quotes of the day always make me think about my writing from different angles, and he always makes me think I don’t know enough about the craft of writing! Essay-like, profound, educational.

  2. Sarah Potter Writes says:

    Here are four blogs that I love and find particularly inspiring, two of them Irish! They’re not primarily about writing, although writing gets a mention sometimes. What these four blogs have in common is beautiful photography, often of nature, accompanied by thoughtfully chosen words written in a lyrical style.

  3. Matt D. says:

    Hey Catherine, so far silent reader here. Loving the blogging bonanza so far. Have you tried Blogloving as a blog reader? I switched over after GR died and really like it.

    Three blogs I read religiously, besides yours of course: (probably my favorite blog, really lyrical and beautiful but profound and unflinching), (amazingly useful essays on writing by a lot of writers on different paths), and (hilarious essays on art and life, lots of swearing).

    Have a great day!

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