A Blogging Bonanza

Hello! Long time no blog, etc. etc. Blame Book 2, which I am currently locked in the writing cave with. But something big is happening tomorrow, and something else big is happening twenty-eight days after that, so…

Brace yourself—I’ve had an idea. It came to me in two parts.

Part one: Distress Signals comes out in paperback in the UK and Ireland on Thursday January 5th, i.e. tomorrow. The book is finally published in the USA on Tuesday February 2nd, in hardcover, audio and e-book.

Key point : there are 28 days between those two events.


Part two: A few weeks ago I took part in the How To Publish Independently with Amazon day here in Dublin, and I talked a bit about blogging and how much I did of it back when I started. There was a time when I was blogging three, four, sometimes even five times a week. My average in 2016 wasn’t even one post per month. (FOR SHAME.) Now of course, when I started blogging , blogging was basically the only thing I had to do, and now there’s college and book contracts and original series on Netflix. But still, I did feel a bit nostalgic for my overly-enthusiastic blogging days, back when I was surgically attached to my laptop. So I made a little mental note that I might pull my blogging socks up in the New Year because the thing is, I LOVE blogging and you should always find time to do more of what you love.

So, twenty-eight days between two publication dates…

Me wanting to pull my blogging socks up…

BOOM! A 28-day blogging extravaganza.

Twenty-eight days. Twenty-eight blog posts. I estimate at least 836 Nespresso capsules.



Well, hang on a second. I mean, I do want to challenge myself and all that but I also need to sleep and eat and hand in 10,000 words of uni assignments on time and finish this draft of my book, so we have to have some excuses rules.

  • I’ll press the ‘Publish’ button here every day for 28 days, starting tomorrow, Thursday January 5th. February 2nd is technically the 29th day, but that’ll just be a “Yeah, I did it!” [punch the air] post that looks back on all the fun we had and stress I created, and announces the winners. (Winners? What winners? Keep reading!)
  • You know how my blog posts usually hit around the 2,000-word mark? Well, I can’t quite do that every day for 28 days when there’s millions of others things going on as well. (For “millions of things” read “lots of new TV series starting”). So we’re going to have to make some  excuses allowances.

Please see the schedule below for more information.


Look, here it is!

Thursdays will be for throwbacks: a replay of a post from the past that it hurt me you didn’t read the first time you may have missed.

On Fridays… Well, Fridays will be for something I’ve never done before: video posts. Yes, video. Moving pictures with sound. Talkies, if you will. Vlogs, I believe the kids call them. I’m regretting this already, especially because I really have been locked in the writing cave since two days after Christmas and I am genuinely starting to resemble some sort of Gollum-type creature. (And there is actually evidence of this, filmed by a CCTV camera, because two days ago I got locked out of my apartment for ten minutes while wearing my Tinkerbelle PJs, unwashed hair and fluffy socks. Not my finest hour.)

At the weekends I’m going to have to take it down a notch, so come Saturday, I’ll be pointing you in the direction of a post I wrote that’s been published elsewhere on the magical interweb and then…

Sunday is a day for lazing in bed with a coffee, so I’m going to provide you with a bit of reading material for your coffee break: a digest of what you might have missed around here during the week, plus a few interesting things I came across online during it. Coffee, sadly, not included. Except for me. I’ll be chugging it.

On Mondays, expect one of my usual, lengthy, possibly ranty, potentially sort of funny, hopefully helpful blog posts. We’re going to start with one of those obligatory New Year writing goals posts. (Every time I read this over I say writing goalposts in my head. Now you will too.)

Tiny is a word that starts with the first letter of Tuesday so I’m thinking on Tuesdays I’ll do a bit of a micro blog post, something short and snappy that might get a conversation or even a heated debate going in the comments below. (A nice polite one, mind you.) The first one involves John Mayer’s new album, I’m sure you’ll all be perplexed excited to know.

And finally on Wednesdays we wear pink we’ll have one of those Monday-type blog posts again.



To celebrate the publication dates bookending this mad endeavour, I’m going to run a giveaway. The winner will receive a personally inscribed hardcover edition of Distress Signals (i.e. the US version), plus some other DS-themed treats.

For your chance to win, all you’ll need to do is leave a comment on any Distress Signals Bonanza blog post. You have one entry per blog post, which means if you leave a comment on every single one, you’ll have 28 chances to win. (Starting with this post – go!) Open globally. Winners will be picked by via names in a hat (or Post-Its in a mixing bowl) and announced on February 2nd.


The video blogs are going to be awkward enough what with me having to get dressed, un-Gollum’ed, etc. without me also having to come up with something to say. So, send me questions! And I’ll answer them in the video! More exclamation marks! It can be about Distress Signals, writing, reading or types of cheesecake. Those are basically my specialist subjects. Every submitted question = also an entry into the book giveaway.

Submit your question now:

Let the Distress Signals Blogging Bonanza (#DSBB) commence…

And remember, if you comment on this blog post, you’ll be entered into the giveaway. Good luck!


21 thoughts on “A Blogging Bonanza

  1. avrilsilk says:

    Am I a really bad person because my first thought on reading your blog was,’Yes! I must do that myself!’ and my second was that I might ask my lovely friend Ali to do it because she makes a living doing social media for shambolic people like me who can fit in another game of Spider Solitaire (HARDEST LEVEL!!!) but not write a couple of hundred words every day. I’ll let you know my third thoughts when the ‘flu medication wears off.

    Love ‘Distress Signals.’ Gripping; exciting. And that’s me talking, not the brandy, honey, brandy and lemon. And brandy. If this gets posted twice, as it very well might due to major muddle, the explanation is in the previous sentence.

  2. Barbara Forte Abate says:

    Ok, so this is good, very good indeed. I have been trying not to fear that you’d gone off and left us. Not so much by choice, but more like your writing life has hit the excel button and you simply can’t be typing in two places at once.

    Really truly looking forward to the next 28 days–and the moment when Distress Signals finally washes on up the US shores! Yippee!

  3. djbressler says:

    Gorgeous cover!


    Have you seen my book?

    The Elephant in the Room has a Paycheck: A fun and socially conscious plan to get you started investing

    Have a look?

    Or look for it on iTunes and Amazon


  4. Carolyn Brooke-Millward says:

    Right, I’m girding my jangly, lovely new Mickey Mouse earrings, and getting ready for a pink, er I mean, word filled January. Yay! What fun!

    I really enjoyed Distress Signals (no sycophants round here, no sirree!), and this is from someone who normally HATES mystery stories (too nosy, basically). Looking forward to the next book!

  5. Grin & Tonic by Alana Kirk says:

    Love it!!! I think the vlog should – in the spirit of teaching us how to be a writer – should be in your Tinkerbell PJ’s and unwashed hair. Keeping it real is what 2017 is all about! Looking forward to the bonanza xx

  6. June says:

    Welcome back and Happy New Year! And congrats on your two upcoming launches! That KDP course back in November was brilliant – I got such a lot out of it.
    I have a potential question for your list. You’ve probably been asked a thousand times – if so, sawreeee! Anyway, I’m just wondering how many words you typically write in a first draft (fiction) and whether it gets longer or shorter as a result of edits? Thanks! June.

  7. scarlett1000 says:

    I watched the Amazon day and you were most insightful. My question is this – How do you discipline yourself to write every day, and/or if you don’t, what is your general structure for maintaining your prolific writing? (College/books and blog….the mind boggles.) Just wanted to add, my husband is a coffee addict and after many years I have become a convert. Is it the Nespresso buzz that keeps you going? Plus, last question, I promise. I also adore pink – is there a magic pink store where you buy all your lovely stuff?! Looking forward to the blogs.

  8. Megan Johnson! says:

    I love this idea! It’ll give me something to check at work everyday and I’ll probably end up going back and reading everything too!

  9. Joel D Canfield says:

    My Best Beloved and I have a running contest to see who looks goofiest in the morning.

    I’m on a 5,392-day streak.

    Waiting a flipping year for your book to launch in the US reminds me what Canada feels like every time they pay to ship something from the US. If you’ll confirm when your next book is coming out, I’ll try to move to Eire by then and quash this nonsense.

  10. Bob Cradock says:

    “Un-Gollum’ed” is not only the best term ever for that process, it even sounds like the noise I’d likely be making as I start it. Thanks for that bit of word fun, and I’m looking forward to reading more – here and in print.

  11. Melissa Stacy says:

    omg — some guy totally just posted a comment here to advertise his own book. The hell?? Can I just spray some stink-be-gone on that comment box, please? Yes?
    **turns on fan to further air the room out**
    Okay, now that I feel a bit better, my question is this: has Goodreads updated their giveaways programs to include ebooks? If so, do you still recommend authors use the giveaways page as you’ve advised in the past — lots of giveaways over shorter periods of time, to maximize exposure of book covers? I appreciate any advice you can share.
    I look forward to reading Distress Signals!! I’m one of your American fans who’s been waiting like a motherf*cker for that book to come out. I still recommend Self-Printed to everyone I know who asks me how to self-publish their work. And I’ve seen people successfully self-publish after buying your book!

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