Cover Reveal: The U.S. Edition of Distress Signals!

Good morning!

A short but exciting blog post this morning, as I am (a) getting ready for the launch of Hazel Gaynor’s gorgeous The Girl From the Savoy this evening, (b) working on my U.S. edits of Distress Signals and (c) finishing the first draft of Book 2 – yes, still – which is due at the end of this month.

So I’m just popping in to say that Distress Signals now has a U.S. publication date – 8th November 2016 – and I can finally show you the cover design, which I am SO in love with.


I think it’s absolutely fabulous and I can’t wait to see it in the flesh. And November 8th might have rung a bell – yes, it’s the day of the U.S. presidential election. Hey, at least you won’t forget!

Distress Signals will be published in the U.S. by Blackstone in hardcover, e-book and audio download. You can pre-order the hardcover on here.

In other news, I did a radio interview last week with Gerry Kelly on LMFM’s The Late Lunch, and honestly it was one of the most enjoyable interviews I’ve ever done. Gerry is an amazing interviewer. If you’d like to listen to it, click on this link and select the podcast for the Late Lunch on Thursday June 2nd. I start around 19:30.


And if you’re in Cork, I’ll be at Eason’s in Mahon Point Shopping Centre on Saturday June 18th at 2pm, signing copies of Distress Signals. Find out more about that event here.


I had a lovely weekend down in an usually sunny Cork, visiting bookshops and meeting some lovely booksellers (and trying to sweeten them up with, um, sweets). It was great to see Distress Signals on the shelves. Thanks to my Dad for doing all the driving!


Finally, a reminder: I’ll be at the West Cork Literary Festival in Bantry in July. I’ll be doing a workshop on The Business of Self-Publishing on Wednesday 20th July and my first (!) public reading from Distress Signals on Thursday 21st July (before hightailing it to Harrogate with the team – can’t wait for that!).

Distress Signals is available now in Ireland, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Find out more about it here.

14 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: The U.S. Edition of Distress Signals!

  1. ofglassandbooks says:

    Fantastic cover!!! Love it!!! Well done! Following your success with real pride. This was just a dream for you when I started following you on WordPress, and look st you now!! 🙂

      • ofglassandbooks says:

        Sorry Catherine for my late acknowledgement of your reply! I am less active on WordPress these days. Except for today. I lost a dear friend and thought of this blogging community to feel less sorrow. I just had to write a few words to celebrate his friendship.

    • catherineryanhoward says:

      UK/US covers on traditionally published books are always different, Jan, because they’re two totally different markets. What appeals to readers in one is very different to what appeals in the other. Plus, I have two different publishers – my UK/Ireland one is Corvus/Atlantic, and my US one is Blackstone. So it’s two entirely separate operations!

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