And The Winner Is…

Thank you to all the lovely bloggers who answered my ‘Can you help me launch Distress Signals?‘ call. Everyone who participated* had their names thrown into a hat this morning and the winner of the Distress Signals reading kit (below) is…


Drum roll, please …

X-Factor style pause …

Getting awkward now… 


Rhoda, please e-mail me a postal address and whoever’s name you want me to sign the book to. (If it’s you, that’s okay!)


Some of the blog features I wrote might be of interest to readers of this blog so I’ve linked to a selection of them below. Distress Signals is slated to be published in North America in October so if you’re a blogger who’d like to help out then (more goodies will be on offer), stay tuned!

Want to know the exact pen, computer and brand of coffee grounds you need to guarantee publishing success? Well, you’re in luck – just read my piece for the Irish Times online.

I shared my Definitive Guide to Tight Pants and First Novels with my publisher, Atlantic Books.

I told crime author Mark Hill about the dark side of the hospitality industry – don’t read until AFTER you get back from your hols, okay?

I shared my Top 5 Thrillers with Bibliophile Book Club and my Top 10 Crime/Thriller movies with Between My Lines. 

I gave Daisy Chain Book Reviews my top tips for writing a killer twist.

My Reading Corner and I discussed researching your book and using what you know (as opposed to writing what you know).

A blow-by-blow account of my typical writing day is over on The Very Pink Notebook.

After some technical difficulties, Mandi Lynn and I eventually managed a video interview:

I told Rhoda Baxter about my deep love of a battered 1993 movie tie-in mass market paperback edition of Jurassic Park.

Over on, I blogged about what happens when the self-publisher gets published and I told Suzanne Rogerson why I didn’t self-publish Distress Signals.

And finally, over on I talked about how NOT to give up on your publication dreams.

Again, thank you to everyone who helped launched Distress Signals! I really, really appreciate it and reading your reactions to the book has made all the hard work worth it.

*Don’t worry if you forgot to send me the link – I Googled! 

Distress Signals is available now in paperback, e-book and audio download.

3 thoughts on “And The Winner Is…

  1. Rhoda Baxter says:

    Thank you so much! I’m really excited to know that I’ve won the bundle! (I’ve emailed you my details, hope the email go to you okay!).
    Really looking forward to reading it.

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