Happy #DistressSignals Day!

Distress Signals is out now! Find it on Amazon.co.uk here.


If you see it ‘in the wild’ or you’ve already got your copy, please do snap a pic and tweet it to me (@cathryanhoward). Join me on my Facebook page for a stationery-themed giveaway, or over on Twitter for publication day celebrations and preparations for tonight’s book launch here in Dublin.

Obviously I’ll be a bit busy to be tweeting myself from the launch, but friends of mine are going to do it for me. Search for the hashtag #DistressSignals to join the party online. The launch starts at 6.30pm.

And if you’re in or near Dublin, something at least mildly exciting is happening tomorrow. All will be revealed first thing in the morning, she says mysteriously…


Thank you to everyone who has tweeted about the book, pre-ordered it, bought it, reviewed it or even just thought happy thoughts about it so far. You’re all stars! x

Find out more about Distress Signals here.

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