The Worried Writer

Happy Thursday!

I’m about to crawl into my writing cave for a ten-day Ultra NaNo type thing but before I do, I want to point you in the direction of The Worried Writer podcast. Specifically the latest episode, which features a long, giggly interview with me.


I really enjoyed chatting to host and fellow writer Sarah Painter about all things writing. Some of the topics we talked about include:

  • The name of my (fictional) self-help/productivity versus procrastination book, Don’t Start Until It’s Already Too Late.
  • The benefits of being traditionally published and why I think that ultimately, neither self-publishing nor getting published offers control (Oooh, controversial!)
  • Why I think I didn’t get a book deal until I deserved to – and what I was doing that made me feel like I finally did
  • How I pitched a winning idea for Book 2 to my editor… without actually having an idea for Book 2
  • Why if you claim that you only write for yourself but you’re also chasing publication, I’ll probably give you some side-eye…
  • The MASSIVE, PARALYZING, COLD-SWEAT FEAR that prevented me from submitting my work for ages – and how I pushed through it was dragged through it by writer friends (and why it doesn’t stop when you get the deal – sorry!)
  • Why luck can suck it
  • What you need to tell yourself when someone tells you won’t or can’t achieve your dreams.
You can listen to the episode here, or find it on iTunes.

NB: This was recorded a few weeks ago and so I refer to the publication date of Distress Signals being in June. But it’s May now. MAY!


If you have a listen, do let me (and Sarah) know what you think in the comments below…

8 thoughts on “The Worried Writer

  1. Aidan Reid says:

    Been silently reading your blog for quite a while Catherine, and bought your Self-Publishing Guide a few weeks ago which has been incredibly eye-opening. Curious to see if there will be a future edition now that you join the ranks of Trad Publishers! Best of luck with the launch and build up.

  2. says:

    I find your last bullet point of the list about those who aren’t supportive of the writing dream to be a tough one. Perhaps because it’s a competitive endeavor, or perhaps because they don’t take the idea seriously until they see the book on the shelves of the local B and N, but I find that attitude to be common. Why aren’t we encouraging adults to pursue their dreams?! We certainly do it to children–is there a certain point one is supposed to just abandon ship?

    Anyway, congrats to you on your success (book two!) and for not giving up the fight.

    For more fun with literature and writing, check out I think you might like it.

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