Book One/Two Episode 2: COVER REVEAL!

Welcome to the second installment of Book One/Two!


Do you need to catch up? This story started with me getting an agent and then getting a book deal. My post How Many Drafts Did You Do Of Your Book? is essentially a prologue, and you can read Episode 1: Full Steam Ahead if you click on that last pink bit.


PUBLICATION DATE: 2 JUNE 2016 5 May 2016

Lots of exciting stuff to report on this month and I’m typing this at 6:30am after basically no sleep and I have to hurry up and get going because I’ve a lecture first thing so [gulps coffee] let’s DO THIS.


Good news: Distress Signals is coming out sooner! It was scheduled for June, but as you may have noticed above, it is now set for publication on May 5th.

I will get excited about this once I get over the shock that this essentially means publication is… Oh my god: six months away. What?!

And also, figure out how to pass my end of year exams at university, which begin then. I am stockpiling the coffee starting now.


On Tuesday, the page proofs arrived. These are the actual inside pages of the book, exactly how they’ll look in the finished book. They get sent to me so I can check them for errors, changes that need making, etc. while, at the same time, a professional proofreader is going through them too.


It was really quite a surreal moment, looking at the title page. Have I done this? Has this actually happened? I’m starting to sound like a broken record on this but it really has not sunk in yet. But then, what will it feel like when it has? Can it possibly? Have I had too much coffee already? YES.

(‘Love is Blindness’ is a U2 song that I love. I listened to it approximately a million times while I was writing this book; it’s basically the soundtrack to it. The way it builds just kills me, and it’s a good parallel to the way your plot should build, I think. Listen to it here.)


Okay, you’ve scrolled down far enough. Here it is (drumroll, please): the cover of my debut thriller! What do you think?!



So you’ll notice that the cover is blue, and everything around here is pink, and when things don’t match I come out in hives. It’s fine on a blog post, but I just couldn’t live with it on a “Books” page. What I needed was a “Books” page on here I could make blue, while keeping everything else as it was.

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know that I use, i.e. the free version, and I won’t hear a bad word said about it. I love it. But the ability to change individual colours and make other such tweaks are really limited – that’s the sacrifice you make for the fact that you don’t have to pay for it.  And yet, I really think if you use your imagination, you’ll find a way to do whatever you want…

This is my solution: I registered a new, free site consisting of just one page and chose the same theme that this one uses (Sela), only I chose different background/scheme colours. I use the custom menu feature, so on the new site I made a custom menu that exactly matches the menu of this one, i.e. has the same labels in the same order. I made all those labels point to this site, e.g. the “About” label points to the About page here via a custom link. Then I took the “Books” label from the menu on this site and made it point to the new, single-page site. Got all that? If not, just click on the “Books” option above/in the menu and you’ll see what I mean.

I did buy one thing: a custom domain. So my new sneaky website – that hides, essentially, inside this one – can also be found at Clever, eh? SMUG.


Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 07.05.28

I’ve put the book on Goodreads. Please dash over there immediately and add it to your To Read list and stick around: there’ll be plenty of opportunities both on there and here to get your mitts on an advance reading copy. Stay tuned…



Do we have to ruin all the fun with talk of how the Dreaded First Draft of Book 2 is going?

Let’s not.

(It’s going, okay? It’s going. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I’ve been making charts. That’s something, isn’t it? Don’t answer that.)

So that’s all the news for now. Join me next month for the next installment of Book One/Two!

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27 thoughts on “Book One/Two Episode 2: COVER REVEAL!

  1. Jess says:

    Congratulations!! One of my life goals is to publish a book and you’re on your second already. I’m sure they’ll be bestsellers in no time (and if not I’ll give you 5 stars on good reads anyway) x

  2. Karen says:

    Love the cover, and can’t wait to read the book 🙂 Exciting times for you, I don’t know how you fit everything in with university too!

  3. EDC Writing says:

    Great cover … BLUE is THE colour. Your excitement shines through and its contagious too. You have set so many of us on our way to publishing one day and it’s a thrill to see your literary dreams come true … going into space who knows with irrespirable you.

  4. Dan Perry says:

    The cover and new page look great, but now you lost your link to your previous books. Can you make a drop-down menu with your current theme to add them back in? Also, the link from your book page points to, which I’m guessing you don’t own. Sorry to give you more work. I know you’re busy.

  5. authorswilliams says:

    Congrats. That is exciting! Super surreal. Question, who does the cover design for the book? Just curious 🙂 Also, very smooth with the using 2 different wordpress accounts ahah 🙂

  6. Bob C says:

    The cover looks great! The horizontal striping pulls the eye back and forth with a lot of energy, and then the progressively longer description lines draw us down until they encompass your name. Even at thumbnail size where the smaller words aren’t legible, that’s a design that’d grab me. I’m really looking forward to reading it.

    I’d like to offer one (completely uninvited) critique, though. If the summary says Sarah’s on a Barcelona business trip, is “girl” the best way to describe her? I’m not saying that just out of PC-ness. As a parent of a young daughter, “missing girl” gives me the initial impression that the thriller’s about a child, and the illustrator’s done a great job of making the cover image age-ambiguous.

    Now, I can think of a lot of reasons why “woman” wouldn’t be preferred there. Many people do use “girl” to describe a young woman. Thriller style might tend that way for (potential) victims. The added frisson if it might be a child could be more of a draw. From a purely typographical angle, “woman” would lengthen the first line enough to break the triangular design, and fixing that would mean padding the very punchy second line with an extra word that might dilute it. Longer first & second lines also wouldn’t fit as neatly into the dark arch of the model’s shoulder, where they have great legibility & contrast now. And of course, the publisher’s probably decided what will sell the book best and already fixed the cover layout in metaphorical stone.

    Feel free to toss all that into the thanks-but-no-thanks pile. And many, many thanks to you for all the great advice I’ve gotten from Self-Printed.

  7. itsmayurremember says:

    The book cover is fitting and perfect for a thriller. And wow a goodreads page too, definitely adding it to my to read list.
    How’s the second book draft going? Did you do it during NaNoWriMo?

    Good Luck!

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