Where The Crying Happens

I love seeing where other people work (My Writing Room is my favourite feature on Novelicious) so today I thought I’d share what mine looks like.

That thought had nothing to do with the fact that I’m knee-deep in Book 2 and don’t have time to write an actual blog post, of course.


I used to live in the most gorgeous apartment. It was lovely, and it was relatively big. Open spaces, full of light, a balcony perfect for coffee drinking and contemplating, and a whole wall just for my bookcases.

[gets teary-eyed just thinking about it]

Then, for some reason, I moved to Dublin, where the same rent was just about enough to cover a telephone box. I live in a studio apartment, essentially, although there is a door between the teensy kitchen and the main room. (Thank fudge – some of the places I went to see came with the added benefit of being able to reach the microwave from the bed. Hmm…) This means that everything has to be very organized, not take up much space and look nice, because I’m looking at it all the time.

So here it is, where the magic crying happens…


  1. Excellent writing advice from Hemingway (and a birthday present from my friend Iain that came all the way from the famed Powell’s Books!)
  2. My Erin Condren life planner, filled with stickers for added procrastination. You can get one here. I recommend that you calculate the price based on the daily cost, i.e. divide the price by 18 (months) x 31 (days, on average). There. That’s much better, isn’t it?
  3. I keep this photo of eight-year-old me two-finger typing on the typewriter Santa brought to remind me that this is all I’ve ever wanted. (See it here.) I stare at it a lot when I have a synopsis to write. In front of it is a small blue deckchair encased in an acrylic cube, that reminds me of one of my favourite places: Nice.
  4. A blanket. I am always freezing. (Plus it disguises the fact that the chair does not match. MY EYES.)
  5. Coffee. Obvs, as the kids say.
  6. My vision board. I’m into the law of attraction, but not because I believe that you can order what you want from a magical universe like a drive-thru window. Instead, it’s because I think focusing on your goals or dreams does just that: it focuses you on your goals and dreams. Bonus: it takes AGES to go through piles of old magazines and Pinterest looking for images that appeal to you, and longer again to cut them out and glue them to a sheet of cardboard, and as you know I’ve never met a procrastination activity I didn’t like. (I’ve blurred out some of my loftier goals and dreams because, you know, hashtag potentially mortifying.)
  7. The Dreaded Draft Calendar. Ideally I have to finish a vomit draft of Book 2 around mid to the end of November, in order to stay on track with its delivery date and get my college assignments done. This is a constant reminder of how terrifyingly little time I have left. Yeah. So I should probably go…

Where do you write?

51 thoughts on “Where The Crying Happens

  1. Athlete On Steroids says:

    Wish I’d have more time to write…right now I don’t have an own corner as I moved in with my boyfriend. If I do start writing more I’ll have to occupy an own space somewhere where I can focus without getting disturbed…

  2. youngheartsroamfree says:

    So neat and pretty! I wish I had a space like this. Currently it’s just a netbook on my lap and it mostly surfs the net instead of forcing me to write! Hopefully when I’m back home I’ll be able to set up my own little writing space with an inspiring view and get that magic to finally happen.

      • Elle Knowles says:

        You can’t even walk into this one. I cut a desk top to fit and shelving. Desk lamp for lighting and the cord runs around the corner to the next room for power! No one home but me so it doesn’t matter that I sit in the hall way all day…;) ~Elle

  3. Kathy says:

    Recently had foot surgery, so I have been sitting with my iPad typing on Notes with one finger. Foot elevated. Later I will re type it all on my computer in the den which needs to be updated to cozy.

  4. fairygamaw says:

    😀 I am always freezing as well when I sit down to write! I just moved to a new place as well, and I haven’t found my lucky spot, so I’m moving around the house, trying this and that. Good luck with your project!

  5. What The Traveler Saw says:

    I write too and am honestly not as organized as you are. I may be overwhelmed with my other projects… collaging, photography and making spirit dolls and taking people around the world to new and historical sites. I teach and help others to meditate and make vision boards. Fortunately I have a large home with space with all projects so I roam from room to room getting it all sorted. Then the emotional distractions and the need to walk the planet to stay healthy and flexible.
    I’ve been following you for years now and haven’t taken the opportunity to let you know how much I appreciate and enjoy your posts. My photo is attached.
    PS I find it harder to keep on posting on WordPress as well as keep us with all the other stuff. But one day I too will move to a quiet, small place in an exotic country with fewer demanding distractions.
    Photo to follow

  6. authorswilliams says:

    I love this feature and I think I’ll do a similar one on my blog. Give it my own spin. Your subtle humor made me laugh and I can totally relate, because I used to have a much better apartment and I miss it SO much. My writing space consists of my laptop and wherever I can get away from other people so at least you have your own sacred space LOL. My dream of course like every author’s dream is to have a cozy office lined with bookshelves, and a huge window. Reality check lol

    • jfbrown123 says:

      Powell’s City of Books, 10th & Burnside, in Portland, Oregon, is awesome. A multi-story emporium that’s an ENTIRE city block. I always hit it when I’m up there. 🙂 The satellite Technology Bookstore Annex, across the street, is also worth seeing. They’ve got an incredible collection of “old” computers and peripherals there. (Hard to believe they’re now “old” and obsolete. Doesn’t seem that long ago that I was using many of them!)

      They’ve also got an Espresso Book Machne that’s fascinating to watch. Can download and print over 20 million titles, as well as a file you bring in on a flash drive.

  7. DitchTheBun says:

    I am feeling your space. I think it is important to make a space for your work and it is even better if you can bring your personality into the space because the more comfortable you are the more productive you are going to be (or you could just fall asleep, but hopefully not).
    I am loving your blanket, it looks so cozy (hmm… perhaps you were creating a nap space after all hahaha).

  8. livinlavidacrafty says:

    Having a whole room for your writing has its disadvantages too though like the desperate need to fill it with everything you can possibly buy for my hobbies….it’s become a true addiction that I don’t think my husband is very fond of but who’s keeping track….

  9. The Sandwich Years by Alana Kirk says:

    Really love this – my space is rather more sprawling…I’ve been known to take pictures off the wall and post-it note it with book structure notes. am slightly trembling at the beauty of the Erin Condren website – I can feel a credit card flash coming on …

  10. Sam Horsey says:

    I have a small bedroom I used to put my twins’ cots in. Now it’s an “office” with the old dining room table in it (it’s a small one). This table is covered in notebooks, books about writing, A4 sheets from school, hairgrips and a mobile phone. Stands up …yep, that’s my writing space.

  11. scarlett1000 says:

    Your blog used to have a pink typewriter on it that I used to covet! Just looking at your images makes me smile. I adore pink and I see its a bit of a theme here too! Just looking at this lovely space makes me look at my space and groan. Although the one thing I have above my laptop which I love is the piece by Ira Glass called ‘Nobody tells this to beginners’ and it inspires me every day. Thank you for sharing your fab images.

  12. ridicuryder says:


    I write at my kitchen table on a laptop. The table is never clear…lots of clutter. The table backs onto a sectional sofa and the whole room opens through large patio doors looking west off Miami Beach. I’m wondering if the clutter and wide open space are distractions. It seems many writers face a wall…I’ve tried it a few times. I sort of think I’m more productive out of the house, traveling etc.

    My vision board just fell off the wall as I started writing this…maybe I should get moving. 🙂


  13. aisyahcaptures says:

    I have no specific writing area, but I always carry a notepad with me, so whenever I feel inspired, I start writing ideas down and when I get back, I open up my laptop, make myself a comfy sitting place and start typing away ^^

    ‘Aisyah | Capturing Candid Moments |

  14. Burgess Taylor says:

    It seems like my writing space has evolved. I’ve been all over the house. From the dining room, living room, a corner in our bedroom, my own writing room, and now a writing room that sports a click-clack couch for guests (my step-daughter or daughter and grandson) when they visit. I’m still working on mine, we’re trying to go vertical with shelving so I can have more floor space. But here’s my recent blog post about it: http://thewriteburgesstaylor.com/?p=70

  15. sarahmichch says:

    I love your space. This is so inspiring. I have a couple places in my house where I do my writing, but nothing like that. So organized and lovely. I should take the time and money to create one of these spaces for myself. Added to my dream home is a “writing room.”

  16. chattykerry says:

    I always write in my dressing gown, in bed or on the couch with my laptop. I need CNN news on mute and the radio playing hip-hop. I was writing a thesis on 11 September 2001 when I saw the twin towers being hit and stopped writing.

  17. cglowe01 says:

    I’m usually on the sofa with my iPad. I have the laptop on the dining table/desk, but use that mostly for my elder hatchling’s homework or my job searches. I wish I was that organized!

  18. Lulu says:

    You have an eye for style! I love everything about your writing space. My writing takes place anywhere there is a plug for my laptop – various coffee shops, my sofa, the living room floor. I always have a Moleskine and a pen in my bag. (I’m such a sucker for Moleskines)

  19. Carl Ebdon says:

    Hi Catherine, I love it, especially all the procrastination that’s gone into most of the inspirational material. My writing room consists of a desk in my retro gaming room, which gives me endless hours of inspiration/procrastination! Now where did I put that Game boy, er, I mean pen.

  20. Sincerely, Grace says:

    Wow. Just wow. I love to see where others spend their time inspiring and motivating themselves. I write on my living room floor and I’m normally in some type of stretch as I am a dancer, but when I’m feeling fancy I have a barista table in my bedroom that I re purposed into a writing space that is decorated in rather romantic ways with candles and lots of pillows. I love the pink theme!

  21. Sage Blue says:

    Your desk is so pretty and cozy and organized-looking! Mine stays organized for about a day after I tidy it up but no longer so when it’s time to write, I sort of scooch everything on there to the side. But I do like writing in bed from time to time 🙂

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