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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I wish you everything you wish for in 2015.

Today have posted a blog of mine, Finish Your Damn Book. It’s what I needed to read this time last year, so I’m sharing it with you now.

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Are you writing a book? Been meaning to start? Been “finishing” a novel, whatever that means, for longer that you’re comfortable admitting? Maybe you’re like Badger in Breaking Bad, well able to lead anyone who cares to listen through every plot point of your tale – a Star Trek spec script, in his case – only to end with “I gotta write it down, is all…” If so, then read on.

One afternoon in August 2008 a much anticipated e-mail landed in my inbox. I’d sold my laptop back in Orlando to fund my subsequent adventure in Central America, so I had to check it on the family PC, in full view of half of the family. It was from an assistant at a literary agency in London – let’s call her Helen – who had loved a travel memoir I’d sent her, Mousetrapped, and had pitched it enthusiastically to her boss. I double-clicked. I’m writing with some good and some bad news. Unfortunately we don’t feel there is enough of a market for us to be able to represent Mousetrapped … However we love your writing. What are you working on now? We would be really interested in reading it. Do you write fiction?

Fiction was all I really wanted to write – Mousetrapped has just been an accidental detour – and now here was an agent saying she wanted to read it! Fantastic! Now there was just the little matter of actually writing some…”

Click here to read the full post.

See you next year!


22 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. geraldine says:

    Great post, Catherine. I’ve been doing marketing and re-categorising chores lately (I HAVE!), so haven’t had time to get on with the damn book. But now that I’ve got a printer that actually works, who knows?

  2. K D Room says:

    Hi Catherine, your timing perfect, decision made, no more excuses, blog testing done, the damn book to be sprung, this year, and the second begun! All the best to you for 2015 and once again thank you for being you! KD.

  3. katielookingforward says:

    I don’t know that I have a book in me, I do know that I’m picky about what books I read (I like to feel like I can experience them) so maybe someday I’ll get so frustrated looking for my next book to read that I’ll just write one….but I think it’ll be in 30 years or something.

  4. LOVE AND HURTS says:

    Thankyou alot,you have really inspired me,my main problem is that i dont own a laptop myself,i wish i had one myself and write as many articles as i could,am still a student trying to make ends meet for myself,wish you a happy new year.

  5. Cat Lumb says:

    Congrats. This raises my own hopes and – I promise – will push me to complete my own novel for submission. Although, if i don’t get that response in 10wks I’ll be devastated 😛

  6. says:

    Congratulations Catherine! I am so pleased for you. Such a timely post too as I’m having lots of online discussions at the moment about finishing our damn books. I actually HAVE (very nearly) finished my non-fiction book which I hope to publish in the next few months, but my next goal is to finish a novel that I have had sitting in my computer for four years. Time to get my main protagonist out of the boot of a car and let her have an ending, I think!

  7. hilarycustancegreen says:

    Thank you. I have read it all. I self-published my novel on Dec 5th (after years of editing, bites but no deals from agents), but I have a full ms of an important non-fiction work, and this HAS to be wrapped up this year.

  8. redsall says:

    Happy New Year! I finished my damn book and it was almost published but then they changed their minds …. thank you for your submission.
    But I’m not in submission! Twentyfifteen has a nice gallopy ring to it i reckon. Good luck everyone with their writing ambitions in what is gonna be a good year!

    • bacurarose says:

      I enjoyed reading your blog. I am new to this (old person here) so I am just getting used to blogging. Thanks for the inspiration. I have completed a number of novels over the years, never sent one to a publisher though. The theme of the book I’m writing now is FRIENDSHIP, like my blog. This one is going to be sent in, thanks for the push.

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