#SelfPrintedSplash: The Qs and As (and the Winners!)

Thank you to everyone who participated in the #selfprintedsplash on Friday! Below are links to all the questions asked and the answers I supplied (some of them very late Thursday night/early Friday morning…)

I promised there’d be prizes for the Random Participant Wins This and Best Question Asked awards, and here’s what those prizes are going to be: you can either have a paperback copy of Self-Printed 3.0 OR any book that appears in Self-Printed’s Further Reading section. (And if you can’t pick one, I’ll decide for you and you can wait to find out when the postman arrives with it. Oooh, the suspense!) So, drum roll please..

Best Question Asked goes to…

Jaime Adams! (If you lose your enthusiasm for self-publishing, how do you get it back?)

Random Participant Wins This goes to…

Caoimhe McCabe!

Jaime and Caoimhe, please e-mail me re: your prize choice. Congratulations!


If you’re upset you didn’t win a prize, remember you have until midnight GMT tonight (27th October) to win this amazing one: an e-book conversion and distribution package from eBookPartnership valued at $299/£225. It’ll take all the stress out of publishing an e-book, leave you all the profits and it’s valid until December 2016. Click here to enter. [THIS COMPETITION HAS NOW CLOSED]

You can also check out Mel Sherratt’s fantabulous guest post from Saturday.

A reminder: Self-Printed (3rd edition) is now available in paperback and e-book on all the Amazons, with additional e-book formats coming on stream soon.

Self-Printed Splash participants: if you e-mailed me your link, you should have your free copy of Self-Printed by now. If you haven’t e-mailed me, do it now. If you e-mailed me but didn’t get your book, let me know and remind me what you want (Kindle, ePub or PDF) – and, since I sent blank e-mails with large attachments, maybe check your spam folder for it first.

Now, after all that rabid self-promotion, I shall leave you in peace for a while. Tootles!


The #SelfPrintedSplash Questions and Answers

Q: Should I put my new release through KDP Select?


Q: What’s a good freebie for a history blog?


Q: What do you think is a reasonable length for a £2.99 novel? And at what point do you think it becomes a rip off?


Q: Is it best to put all my energy into self-publishing, or continue to fantasise about following the traditional route of finding a mainstream publisher/agent as well?


Q: How should I go about selling the book to the local market (Singapore)?


Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 10.15.21

Q: Contests for fiction authors. Worthwhile or a waste of time?


Q: I’ve been invited to an author event – you know where they stick a bunch of writer folk in a room and fans come flocking to have their paperbacks signed? TBH, I’m mostly going for vanity reasons, but are you aware of these being actually good for marketing/sales/promotion?


As Caroline said on her blog, that was actually the second question she’d asked me…

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 10.21.05


Q: What are the essential WordPress plug-ins for self-published authors?


Q: What are the top 3 things you would do to boost a book suffering a lull in sales?


Q: What’s your number one tip for a new author?


Q: Do you think book trailers are worth it?


Q: What’s the advantage for a self-published author to work with an Amazon imprint like Montlake?


Q: What are your thoughts and recommendations on managing time as a new author dealing with revising, editing and formatting your self-published book while trying to spend some creative time composing your current or next work?


Q: If you wrote a trilogy, would you release all three parts on the same day or spread them out?


Q: What is the biggest benefit of having your book edited by a professional?


Q: Kindle pre-ordering. Yay or nay?


Q: If you lose your enthusiasm for self-publishing, do you have any tips on how to get it back?


Q: What can we expect to read re: social media (e.g. the value of Facebook) in the new edition?


Q: As a new author who is completely inept with social networking, and didn’t think about how to market myself until AFTER my book came out, what is the ONE thing you think I could do that would help people find my book?


Q: As a self-published author, what do you consider the most important measure of success?


Q: Is there any specific data on the return on investment for freebies? I’m curious about data like “100 copies given away results in 13 reviews and 3 copies sold” or some such nonsense. Separated by fiction and nonfiction. Also, what’s your opinion on whether such data would have any practical value?


Q: Should I be sending out press releases to promote my book?


Q: What is your advice for making a mainstream self-published novel visible (as opposed to romance, science-fiction, etc.)?


Q: How do you do all the formatting required for all the different distributors without wanting to smash your head off a wall?


Q: You’ve said that you’ve changed your mind about some things since writing Self-Printed 2. Pick one and say what it is and what made you take a different view of it.


Q: How do I choose a font for my author brand?


Q: What’s your (self) editing process? 


Q: Getting your book edited seems to be simultaneously incredibly important and prohibitively expensive. Do you have any tips for either mitigating the cost or bypassing the need for an editor?


Q: Two years ago, when the second edition of Self-Printed came out, Facebook was easily the top social network for authors looking to reach new fans. Does that still hold true today? How about two years from now – do you foresee any other social networks taking Facebook’s place?


Q: For fiction (specifically romance), where do you think you get the most bang for your marketing buck: ads or public relations (e.g., reviews, interviews, etc.)?


Q: Do you address the topic of Advanced Reader Copies and how to use giveaways on Goodreads in Self-Printed 3.0?


Q: What advice do you have for an introvert who has a short story series (six books so far)on KDP and is ready (and scared to death) to do some marketing and get more interest in these stories?


Q: I’m extremely new to Pinterest and mainly use it to search for crafts and recipe ideas, but I’ve heard people say it can be used for pretty much anything. Have you ever used it to promote your books? How might you go about doing so?



Participated in the #selfprintedsplash but don’t see your question? You have to e-mail it to me, folks – Twitter ain’t enough; I can’t keep track. 

10 thoughts on “#SelfPrintedSplash: The Qs and As (and the Winners!)

  1. caoimhemccabe says:

    Hi Catherine,

    I got my hardcopy of Self Printed today, thanks! It looks great and I shall certainly be using the coffees you included. 🙂

    Thanks a million!


    On Mon, Oct 27, 2014 at 9:01 AM, Catherine, Caffeinated wrote:

    > catherineryanhoward posted: “Thank you to everyone who participated in > the #selfprintedsplash on Friday! Below are links to all the questions > asked and the answers I supplied (some of them very late Thursday > night/early Friday morning…) I promised there’d be prizes for the Random > “

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