‘Twas The Day Before Christmas Eve…

… and all through the house were the Ideal Homes-level decorations this blogger painstaking planned, selected, purchased, hung, arranged, made, tweaked, stared at for a while and then tweaked some more. And in the kitchen were the gingerbread and red velvet cupcakes this blogger baked and put into boxes decorated with the personalized Erin Condren gift labels she ordered in September.


And in the corner of the living room were the presents she’d bought for family and friends, all wrapped in co-ordinated paper and ribbon and all placed just so under the tree.


And on the couch was this blogger, exhausted and wondering when Christmas had begun her full-time job. Seriously: I love it, but this is the first time I’ve had my own place to decorate (as in, a place that was mine but also ONLY mine, and so no ‘discussions’ about tinsel or multi-coloured lights, for example) and as I was out of the country for a few weeks and arrived back December 1st, things have been a little bit hectic.


Now normally I do a gift guide (because it means I can browse online stores for hours, guilt-free) but there just isn’t time for that this year. I also can’t tell you about some of the ah-MAZE-ing presents I found this year, because the people destined to receive them from me may or may not see this post. So instead let me direct you to last year’s gift guides:

(There’s still time to buy gift cards or, in case of emergency, print out a picture of the item, place it in a frame, wrap it up like you would any present and explain that it’ll be a January joy…)

… and show you some of my Christmas decoration pics, if you need something to procrastinate with today. I mean, no one’s actually doing any work, are they? It’s practically Christmas, after all…


Marks and Spencer’s were selling a miniature Christmas tree in a mason jar with a bit of ribbon around it for €20. I bought this gorgeous jar in Seville, Spain for €5, spent €1.50 on fake snow and used a miniature tree that came with a set of six (it’s actually a placeholder, the placecard slots down into the middle of the star) and wrapping I’d already bought.


Also discovered in Seville: a miniature ceramic Starbucks mug in the form of a hanging Christmas decoration! It can’t go on my tree as there’s no red allowed on there, but it does sit nicely on my kitchen window sill with my coffee machine decoration.


Nothing goes undecorated, and that includes my cafetiere…


Andrea (of Mousetrapped fame) brought me some US Christmas magazines, and Family Circle had a picture of framed prints wrapped in Christmas paper and hung on the wall like presents. I thought an even better idea would be to wrap some of my existing frames…


I just had to have those sparkly gold mugs above when I saw them in Next (they’re sparkly! They’re gold! Think of how much coffee they hold!) and when I saw the matching cake-stand, it was game over. Of course, I’m not putting cakes on it. (I blame Pinterest for this level of craftiness. Christmas was so much easier before Pinterest…)


A  big thank you to everyone who has read this blog this year and stayed tuned for news of an exciting 2014 project. In the meantime, have a VERY Merry Christmas!


Catherine x

P.S. I’ll leave you with what has to be my new favourite Christmas song. How Christmassy is THIS?

18 thoughts on “‘Twas The Day Before Christmas Eve…

  1. Marianne Knowles says:

    WOW, Catherine! Just…WOW! You’re a writer, AND you live in a home that looks like a decorator magazine? How do you manage it? Oh, right—exhaustion and caffeine, you explained already. 😉 Merry Christmas!

  2. Rebecca Nolen says:

    Thank you for posting, Catherine. What a lovely, lovely place you have. The views are amazing. I love your picture frame idea. Perhaps by this time next year I will have decorations up… Here I’m announcing to you my new novel “The Dry” by (rebecca nolen), which you must include when searching on Amazon or you will find dry skin cream…

  3. Trish Loye Elliott says:

    Your place looks gorgeous! I love the wrapped picture frames.
    Thank you for all the effort you put into your amazing blog. It’s one of my top ten.
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Sylvia Valevicius says:

    I think your blog site is adorable and fun…love the pretty things! Not on pinterest ( just too much media), so enjoy seeing what you show off here. I am currently reading your book on self-printing, and it’s great-informative, cheeky, but no nonsense when it comes to business. I have mentioned you on twitter because I like what I’m reading. Thx, Catherine! Sylvia Valevicius from Canada -twitter: @Jtosnest

  5. June says:

    Watching that video made me sad…I want to start the holiday over, I missed some of my magic this year..new step kids kinda zapped my cheer….still not completely accepting of me…makes it so hard because I’m all about the joy…my house is usually over the top…I love this time of year and now everyone just left after a solid week and I’m feeling like it almost never happened…I should have come here days ago..it could have saved xmas for me! Well, such is life…happy new year Catherine! from June in Santa Cruz CA.

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