Authors for the Philippines

Keris Stainton, friend and money-raiser-extraordinaire, has done it again. In response to the devastation Typhoon Haiyan has left in its wake, Keris has organized Authors for the Philippines, an online auction that hopes to raise money for the British Red Cross’ Typhoon Appeal.


The idea is simple, but inspired. Keris has asked authors, agents, editors and all associated with the book world to donate items. These range from signed ARCs of books that aren’t out yet, to manuscript critiques, to signed special editions, to your name in a book, to a night down the pub with authors Andy Stanton and Anthony McGowan (for which bidding has become complex and hilarious, taking place in ‘bidding cartels’).

Simply navigate to the post that describes the item you want to bid on, leave your bid in the form of a blog comment and then wait until the auction closes on Wednesday 20th November to see if you’ve won. Winners will be asked to donate the equivalent of their winning bid to the Red Cross, and send a receipt to Authors for the Philippines. The author supplying the prize will then contact the winner directly.

Here’s the really important message: it’s not just confined to generous people in the UK. You can bid on these items from anywhere (although make sure that accepting them doesn’t involve travel, like the night in the pub!), as the Red Cross accepts donations from all over the world and, hey, they can post those signed ARCs. Just remember that your bid must be in British pounds (£).

Here are the some of the items that have caught my eye so far:

You can browse the full index of items here. You can bid on as many items as you like as long as you agree to cover all of them if you win.

Please, please consider supporting this amazing initiative. The last time Keris did this (for the Red Cross Japanese Tsumani appeal), she raised over £12,000. Let’s help her beat that this time around!

If you’d like to donate an item, there’s still time. E-mail

16 thoughts on “Authors for the Philippines

  1. D Nixon says:

    Fantastic, everybody must do what they can, the whole idea of this appeal is so unswervingly bold. The pen really can deal with the sword of nature it seems. Personally I love the one about the badger.

    But please don’t forget the families of Syria and their children trying to survive in below freezing conditons for the second winter. How many of them have died and will die this year because of exposure to the elements?

  2. Rosanna says:

    I’m from the Philippines. What has happened is heartbreaking, but we are all so grateful for all the help from the international community. Thank you for posting this.

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