Something for the Weekend

I can’t help you do NaNoWriMo, but there is one thing I can definitely help you with: not doing NaNoWriMo.

You know those people corporations hire, efficiency experts? I’m the opposite of that. My area of expertise is procrastination. And here is the perfect thing to help you not get your 1,666 words done tomorrow…

I mentioned WritersWebTV already on this site. Based out of Dublin, WritersWebTV holds day-long seminars that are broadcast live online, featuring well-known names and a wealth of valuable information. You can watch them live for free, or purchase them to download and watch whenever you like.

I tuned in to the most recent one on crime-writing, listening to Jane Casey and Declan Burke, and I picked up some tips that have definitely been changing my writing life, slowly but surely, for the better.

Tomorrow, though, comes the big one: Getting Published, featuring Carole Blake, uber-agent and author of the best book on the business of publishing for the author (I think), From Pitch to Publication, and my friend Hazel Gaynor, whose Titanic novel The Girl Who Came Home racked up six-figure sales through Amazon KDP and will now be traditionally published by William Morrow next year after going to auction in the States. So whether your goal is to be a successfully traditionally published author or a success at self-publishing, there’ll be a little something for everyone in tomorrow’s session.

From WritersWebTV:

Writers, are you finished that manuscript but aren’t sure how to approach agents and publishers? WritersWebTV will open the door to the whole process on Saturday, November 9th with Getting Published featuring agents Carole BlakeJulia ChurchillPaul Feldstein and sensational self-published author Hazel Gaynor.

Carole Blake of Blake Friedmann literary agency will impart wisdom from her best-selling publishing guide From Pitch to Publication, and tell writers what to expect from a publishing deal and how to secure one. The US publishing market will be explained by Paul Feldstein who will give you the lowdown on how to crack stateside publishers. Children’s literary agent at A.M. Heath Julia Churchill will be chatting about the colourful world of children’s publishing, how to pitch your book and identify the right agent for your work. Self-publishing success story Hazel Gaynor will talk about the importance of your author profile, how to get the best from social media and how to clock up those all-important sales for your book. 

This free-to-watch-live, online workshop will cover all aspects of getting published and viewers will be able to interact with those in studio to help them develop their skills. WritersWebTV has developed a world-first innovation in online education for writers by providing live-streamed interactive workshops to a global audience, featuring Irish and international best-selling writers and industry professionals.

The one-day workshops are streamed live from a multi-camera broadcast studio in Dublin. Industry experts interact with an in-studio audience of aspiring writers, who present their work for critique. Online viewers can communicate with those in the studio using Twitter, Facebook or email. They can ask a question, take part in a workshop exercise, comment online and benefit from on-screen feedback from the authors in-studio. 

Led by literary scout Vanessa O’Loughlin, founder of, the panel will consider the key elements of fiction writing and furnish viewers with tips, advice and actionable insights to help them improve their writing and get it on the path to publication.

Viewers can watch the full one-day workshops for free when they watch them live. If they want to download a workshop or watch it later, they can pay to keep the course.

You’re welcome! Just tell yourself, you can do 3,332 words on Sunday.


6 thoughts on “Something for the Weekend

  1. evie gaughan says:

    Will definitely be checking in – these workshops are a fantastic resource and I think Vanessa does a great job presenting them. But don’t worry, I have plenty other mundane things to distract me from NaNoWriMo – at least this can be classed as research 🙂

  2. Zig says:

    Today’s was the first of their workshops that I missed live, due to a family emergency, but I did purchase it in advance so very much look forward to going through it as soon as it is available to download 🙂 I have enjoyed them all, and learned something from each one so far, including how I will have to completely rework the opening of the crime fiction novel I have in progress. I bought the crime fiction workshop too so I can remind myself, repeatedly, what not to do!

    • Zig says:

      omg I split an infinitive 😮 Oh the shame lol I shall blame it on the utter exhaustion that has me about to turn in for an early night 🙂

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