A Starbucks on Main Street USA and Other Stories

So… I spent last week in one of my favourite places, Orlando!

*happy dance*


But I’m back now.

*grumpy face*

And still recovering from a missed night’s sleep (got a wonderfully cheap flight on Expedia but it involved flying through the night and then a nine — NINE — hour layover at Manchester airport), tackling the mountain of e-mails that built up while I was away and processing the truly devastating news that the awful people at Nabisco have evidently STOPPED MAKING OREO CAKESTERS.

*holds back tears*

When I was in Orlando in February I couldn’t find them in any supermarket, and only managed to bring some home because I found a stash of snack-packs in a 7-11. But on this trip: no Cakesters anywhere. The Oreo website only lists two disgusting Cakester flavors and there appears to be no mention of the original and best. This is just awful because if I’d known this was coming, I’d have ordered a few cases of them from Amazon and instructed everyone I know Stateside to buy up whatever stock they could find and mail it to me. I’ve tweeted Oreo for confirmation of this terribly upsetting news:

So far, no response. Stand by for details of me establishing a post-Cakester world support group.

Anyway, onto happier things…


(Yes, we’re using a lot of superfluous capitalization today. Deal with it.)

Starbucks was always at Universal but never anywhere on Disney property, at least in Orlando. Until now. (Or until June, apparently.) Andrea and I nearly lost our tiny Starbucks-lovin’ minds when we headed for our traditional first stop on a Magic Kingdom morning, the Main Street Bakery, only to discover a familiar logo hanging outside it. And just LOOK AT THE CUTENESS:


Keeping with the beverage theme, we also enjoyed some Butterbeer at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal’s Islands of Adventure and cheesecake fudge from Honeydukes:


I also enjoyed what must be in the Top 5 Coolest Days of My Life at the all-new Kennedy Space Centre, where I not only saw the Space Shuttle Atlantis — the SPACE SHUTTLE ATLANTIS! — but I did a special behind-the-scenes tour that took me INSIDE the Vehicle Assembly Building.


Think about it: that’s a SPACE SHIP you’re looking at. A SPACE SHIP!


*shakes head in disbelief at memory*

I also bought a lot of coffee, as per usual:


And read a lot of books by the pool (I managed an amazing 10 books over 10 days. My Goodreads Reading Challenge 2013 is SO in the bag!):


And found these ADORABLY APPROPRIATE notecards at the airport:


So that’s what I’ve been up to.

Now: what have I missed?

(Besides Jonathan Franzen acting like an entitled tool and Jennifer Weiner putting him in his place. Oh, Internet: I’ve missed you!)