Thank You, Commander

I know this isn’t self-publishing-related, but being a NASA nut it’s Catherine-related and, hey, this is my blog.

Today Commander Chris Hadfield returns to earth from the International Space Station. His stay there has been, I think, NASA’s biggest public relations win since Apollo 11 landed on the moon. He has just been amazing: tweeting images, recording videos and just generally reminding people, in a fun and inspiring way, that there’s not only a Space Station up there but people in it. The bad news for us—the good news for him, I’m sure—is that he returns to earth today. I’m sure his enthusiasm for manned space exploration and his PR skills will be put to good use here as well, but in the meantime, he has created this truly amazing, wonderful, awe-inspiring, delightful, funny and utterly perfect goodbye gift.

I may be heightening expectations here so I’ll just shut up, but please watch it. You won’t regret it.

Thank you, Commander.

Safe journey home.


20 thoughts on “Thank You, Commander

  1. jjtoner says:

    It worked the second time. Awesome! But did the video credits mention the writers of the original song?

  2. Trish Loye Elliott says:

    I’ve been following Cmdr Hadfield’s adventures as well. It’s been awesome to get his glimpses of space. I’ll miss it.
    Btw, Thanks for having such an awesome blog!

  3. Red Hen says:

    Doesn`t this show the value of doing something differently-albeit with someone else`s song! Yeah, gotta love the guy. And he`s got an Irish connection-his daughter attends TCD-so he`s been tweeting Irish songs for her. That just makes me like him all the more!

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