Did You Win? (And Another Chance To…)

Thanks to everyone who entered the Mousetrapped in hardcover/Self-Printed in paperback giveaway by leaving a comment on one or more of the Mousetrapped Madness posts, which were:

And the winner is…

(Drum roll, please)

Esther E. Hawkins!

Please let me know whether you’d like Mousetrapped OR Self-Printed, and what name should go in the inscription. You can contact me through the Contact page.


And if you didn’t win, you have one more chance. I’m using Rafflecopter to run a Mousetrapped giveaway on Facebook. Technically it’s only for Mousetrapped but the winner can have any book of mine they want; I’m nice like that.


In other news, ChipLitFest is just two weeks away and a little bird tells me there’s four tickets left my ‘The Art Of Self-Publishing’ workshop (or there was three days ago, anyway!) Tickets are £25 and you can book them here.

There’ll be no Sunday Reads this weekend, so I’ll see you next week. Have a good one!

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