Catherine’s Christmas Gift Guide 2012: Favorite Things

It’s my favorite time of the year, when I happily start to fill my schedule with all sorts of present-hunting, gift-wrapping and cupcake-baking goodness and run a military-style operation to decorate the tree (ensuring there’s equal numbers of each color bauble, that they’re all evenly distributed across the tree and that there isn’t a trace of tinsel within a thirty-foot radius of our house). Which also means that it’s time for my Christmas Gifts I Discovered While Procrastinating Online Guide! 

I’ve already shared my top picks for writers, caffeine fiendsjet-setters and readers—catch up below if you missed it—but today, in the final installment, it’s Things I Like That Don’t Fit Into Any Previous Category, AKA My Favorite Things.

Picture 2

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  1. I’ve always loved The Cambridge Satchel Company, but I love them even more since I found out the story behind the company. A visit to their newly opened Covent Garden store is definitely on my To Do list for my next trip to London.
  2. Anyone who’s read Sophie Kinsella’s “Shopaholic” books will have heard of Kate’s Paperie: an Aladdin’s cave of paper, notebooks, pens, cards, gift wrap and other stationery gems that could start anyone on the path to a stationery festish—and five minutes in one of their stores in New York will take you all the way there. One of my 2013 intentions (I’ve given up on the word goals; intentions feels so much doable) is to write more letters to my faraway best friend, so I’ll definitely be treating myself to some of their exquisite stationery sets.
  3. Christmastime is the season for ploughing through TV DVD box sets. Since 24 ended my brother and I have missed our annual watch-an-entire-season-of-24-in-five-days Christmastime tradition, but there’s so much fantastic television around these days that it’s easy to find a replacement. This year we’ll be catching up with The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad.
  4. I can tell you exactly when and where I discovered my favorite scent in the world: December 2007 in a room at the W Hotel Times Square. W Hotels put Bliss Lemon and Sage sink sets in their guest bathrooms, and the scent is just divine. It really embodies all that’s fresh and clean and invigorating. It doesn’t hurt that the products are amazing too; my faves are the body butter and the conditioner. Find the gift set pictured on the UK Bliss website.
  5. I love Ladurée Macarons. They’re pretty, they’re French and they come in gorgeous little green boxes that make fab paperclip holders for your desk. Ladurée also happen to have the cutest website ever. If you can’t get your hands on a box of the macarons, there’s a gorgeous hardcover recipe book to be had instead.
  6. One of the world’s great injustices is that Oreo Cakesters are not for sale here in Ireland. (Why not Kraft Foods? WHY THE HELL NOT?!) They might actually be my favorite food—and they’re sooooo tasty that it might actually be a good thing they’re not for sale here. But if I ever have a Cakester emergency, you can buy them on and have them shipped internationally, although the shipping will cost you more than the Cakesters…

So to recap:

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Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 17.39.41

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Picture 2

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6 thoughts on “Catherine’s Christmas Gift Guide 2012: Favorite Things

  1. dezembra says:

    Thanks for sharing those gifts. I always loved Satchels, even before they became to very big this year. Would you really go for the green one? Rumour has it they sell beautiful pink ones, too… 😉

    • catherineryanhoward says:

      LOL! I know it may seem like I’d go for the pink one—and I would if we were just talking pretty things to look at. But unfortunately pink goes with hardly anything (it doesn’t even go with other pinks, half the time) and the satchels are so expensive that I’d have to be practical and go with a color that goes with something else… 😀

      But if I could get *TWO*, one would of course be pink!

      • dezembra says:

        I know they’re way too expensive to buy one, let alone two. And you’re right about the colour pink, too. I’m always like, well, if I start wearing only black and white for the rest of my life, it MIGHT work out… But not even then, maybe. 😉 As I’m totally into satchels, I’ve bought a beautiful not-cambridge-one a couple of days ago. And it’s even a real vintage.

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