Catherine’s Christmas Gift Guide 2012: Caffeine Fiends

It’s my favorite time of the year, when I happily start to fill my schedule with all sorts of present-hunting, gift-wrapping and cupcake-baking goodness and run a military-style operation to decorate the tree (ensuring there’s equal numbers of each color bauble, that they’re all evenly distributed across the tree and that there isn’t a trace of tinsel within a thirty-foot radius of our house). Which also means that it’s time for my Christmas Gifts I Discovered While Procrastinating Online Guide! 

On Friday I shared my top prezzie picks for writers and still to come are world travelers (or aspiring world travelers…), book lovers and my own personal favorite things. But today it’s Gifts for Caffeine Fiends!

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 17.39.41

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  1. The treasure trove that is Not On The High Street has this pretty and useful print of a Coffee Lovers Menu Infographic. (A flat white is my new favorite drink, while we’re on the subject.) I also love their Coffee: The Other Vitamin C print.
  2. Presuming that the coffee-lover in your life has already discovered the magical wonder that is the Nespresso system, why not treat them to something fancy from the Nespresso accessories store. I want it all, but my favorite has to be this Aluminum Sleeve Table-Top Dispenser from the PIXIE range. But really, I WANT IT ALL.
  3. Being Irish, I drink as much tea in the afternoon and evening as I do coffee between wakey-wakey time and noon. Twinings Tea have a lovely—and inexpensive—gift idea this Christmas: a Personalised Twinings Tea Caddy.
  4. I love Coffee Joulies, which are magic (stainless steel) coffee beans that Kickstarter built, that you drop into your coffee. First, they absorb heat, taking your coffee from Tongue Burning to Just Right, and then they slowly release the heat back into the coffee, keeping it at optimum temperature for longer. Their Coffee Joulie Perfection Pack, containing a set of 5 joulies and a travel tumbler, would make a perfect present for a coffee-lover who’s always sipping on the go.
  5. This time of year, in Ireland and the UK, at least, festive Starbucks gift sets start to appear in stores like Debenhams and Boots. Bit odd considering there are more places here in Cork to buy Starbucks gift sets than there are to buy actual Starbucks, but anyway. I like this Starbucks Mug and Syrup Hamper Set from Debenhams.
  6. What do coffee-lovers love more than anything else? Coffee! Robert Roberts offers coffee lovers membership of their Coffee Connoisseur Club which sends a different blend direct to your door every six weeks. Great coffee, new blends and you don’t even have to leave the house: perfect!
  7. Okay, so hot chocolate isn’t strictly a caffeinated beverage, but Christmas is the time to drink it and you can only have so many cafetieres. Stock up on the marshmallows and order the Bodum Chocolatiere whose blending action mixes your chocolate powder and hot milk, and froths the milk too. Yum!

What do you think? Which ones would you like to receive? If you’re a caffeine fiend, what’s the best coffee-theme gift you’ve ever received? 

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10 thoughts on “Catherine’s Christmas Gift Guide 2012: Caffeine Fiends

  1. MarinaSofia says:

    Geneva has two Nespresso boutiques now (one of the ‘piano falling on George Clooney’s head’ fame and one nearer to our house), and we really are like kids in a candy store when we go there. Even our children love them and want all the little espresso Pixie cups in matching colours to the capsules.

  2. Mary J. McCoy-Dressel says:

    Um, my best coffee themed gift could have been Baileys! No, really I always get Starbucks gift cards from my son. I want a Nespresso Machine, though, so maybe next year I can say that was my best gift. 🙂 Love your Christmas Gift ideas.

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