The Write Lines

In November 2009 I had just started Operation Self-Publish Mousetrapped. I was just getting to grips with this whole new world of CreateSpace, Smashwords, whatever KDP was called back then because I can’t even remember now (what was it called? It’s annoying me now—was it something about digital text platform…?) and spending way too much time on Twitter, because Twitter and I were in the honeymoon phase, which is say I was never more than thirty minutes from my last tweet.

Some new Twitter friends of mine we appearing on The Write Lines, a radio show all about writing, so I started listening to it that November, live, as it went out over the magical interweb. (It had actually just started that November, but I didn’t realize that at the time.) Think about it: little me, daydreaming, in a room the size of a telephone box, struggling to get to grips with the mammoth tasks ahead of me (self-publishing, trying to get published, trying to find people who’d buy my books…), listening to people I knew but had never met talk about writing and books and authors like it was the most important thing in the world. Talking about a world—the publishing world—that I was only just beginning to discover.

Cut to last month, when I was on The Write Lines. How exciting was that? Very, let me tell you.

You’ll be able to listen to the full show—which, coincidentally, also featured one of my writing heroes, Jane Wenham-Jones (if you haven’t read Wannabe a Writer?, drop what you’re doing and go get a copy now)—on November 12th, but for now, there’s a snippet here.

All the shows will be available on, with the first episode in the new series available from Monday 29th October.

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