What Catherine Did (in London, Last Week)

During my hectic three-day jaunt to London last week I met the lovely Joanna Penn, she of the fantastically useful The Creative Penn and bestselling self-published author of the Arkane series of novels, and she interviewed me about all things self-publishing.

(While both of us sat in the lovely forecourt of the British Museum and glared at anyone who came walking too close to us while chatting loudly on their phone. And also entertained a lot of pigeons, which I didn’t realize until I watched the video…)

You can read her post about and watch the full video here, or click the image below.


Also, Self-Printed is now out there in the wide world. You can buy the paperback from Amazon stores (including Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk; just make sure it’s the second edition you get although thanks to Market Place Sellers the first edition is about the cost of an iMac at the moment…) and the Kindle edition from all Kindle stores, including Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk. You can still buy the e-books directly from me, although they’ve gone up to their normal price of $4.99 (but still include a 30% discount off the book on CreateSpace).

In other news—big, good news—Bring Your Book To Market, the 3-day course on self-publishing your book and using social media to help your profile as an author that Ben Johncock and I did at Faber Academy last February is happening next February too. Hooray! You can find out all the details here. I know I’m hopelessly biased, but it really is a good course, especially if you’re serious about this whole self-publishing thing (even as a sideline and especially if it’s a backlist we’re talking about) and Faber Academy is a beautiful place to spend three days, overlooking Bloomsbury Square.

Also, if you know of any entertaining 50 Shades of Grey reviews—good or bad, hating the book or hailing it as their favorite ever—send me the links, would you please? Thanks muchly.

I’m getting something very special next week: time! What a wondrous thing that will be. I can barely remember what it feels like. So brace yourself for a post-a-day for a while.

Have a good weekend!

11 thoughts on “What Catherine Did (in London, Last Week)

  1. Karen Prince says:

    Hi Catherine, so great to see you with Joanna, who I have been following for a while. Still feeling my way around but went up on Amazon yesterday, thanks to all her help and an incredible breakthrough when I read your post on how to get an EIN number. So looking forward to reading your blog.

  2. nazarioartpainting says:

    Last summer, I visited London with my husband. It is a wonderful city. I really fall in love with London. The people are very nice. I also visit Stonehenge and was living a dream when I visited that place, I really love it. I hope to return again and spent more time in the lovely England.

  3. Deborah Jay (@DeborahJay2) says:

    Hi Catherine, I bought Self-Printed as soon as you got it out there a couple of weeks ago – and it caused me all sorts of fun as my credit card provider decided it was a dodgy transaction as it was such a small amount and in dollars not UK pounds. Nearly had my credit card blocked!
    Luckily they got hold of me on the phone first and asked me about it – all I could remember was that I’d paid it to Gum-something-or-other and they decided that was enough – phew!
    Pleased to report it was worth the hassle…;)

  4. Paula Casill says:

    Loved the video, but are you really about to start abandoning the paperback?!?!? I would cry if I believed it were true

  5. kellie larsen murphy says:

    Congrats on the second edition of Self-Printed. I found the first one very helpful. It was a gift from my daughter and helped me stay motivated in my own journey to self-print. Keep up the great work!

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