Freshly Pressed (or Perhaps Ground…?)

*looks around nervously* Is it safe to come back?

Wow. What a week that was, eh? If you haven’t been around these parts in the last few days, on Tuesday I had the honor of being Freshly Pressed, i.e. being highlighted on the homepage.

Cue more than 12,000 hits in one day, and more comments, like and subscribes than even a highly caffeinated gal can keep up with. At one point my average hits per hour rate was more than my average hits per month for the entire first year of this blog. What’s utterly hilarious about this is that the post in question—How To Sell Self-Published Books: Read This First—wasn’t even really part of this month’s how-to-sell-self-published-books theme. It was the introduction to itBut clearly it struck a nerve. The whole experience was amazing, and who wouldn’t want to see this below something they wrote?

A lot of people have been asking how I got Freshly Pressed. I don’t have a clue. I can only tell you that Read This First was already a popular post, having been picked up Joel on The Book Designer on Sunday (a great blog for self-pubs, by the way) and subsequently linked to on Twitter a lot. On Monday Reddit sent a few thousand people its way. (Before Tuesday, Monday was this blog’s busiest day ever with 3,393 visits, most of them Reddit referrals. Before that, my busiest day was around 2,500.) So maybe its popularity got it noticed by WP or something…? Honestly though, I don’t know. All I know is this: getting Freshly Pressed was great. If you’re reading this now because of it, hello! Welcome. Do stick around. And always bring coffee. If you’ve already been with me for a while, I sincerely hope you didn’t subscribe to comments when I first posted Read This First—if you did, may I apologize for your inundated inbox…

Anyways, let’s get back to business. Over five days next week I’m going to be presenting my Not at All Scientific Theory on How Self-Publishers Can Use Social Media to Get Amazon to Sell Their Books—on my To Do list for the weekend: (i) read This is How It Ends by Kathleen McMahon, (ii) watch the Spanish Grand Prix, (iii) think up a snappier name for that theory thingy—but in the meantime, new followers might want to catch up on some past popular posts:

(By the way, my novel, Results Not Typical, is not available to download at the moment. That’s because I’m doing some tweaking to it—changing “mum” to “mom”, for a start—in preparation for setting it to free next week.)

Have a good weekend!