Is Anyone Still Here?

[Whispers] Hello…? Is anyone still here…?

And if you are here, would you happen to have a very large cup of coffee on you, by any chance?

It’s been two full weeks since I last blogged, and I haven’t been on vacation. I have been planning the big 30th Birthday Vacation, but that’s another story, and not so time-consuming that I can blame it for a two-week blogging break. What I can blame—and what I will blame—is the coincidental meeting of a major change in my daily schedule and a serious case of the Blog Blahs.

Also, Taking Care of Business (known as Filofax to my childhood) arrived from Amazon on DVD; I had to drop EVERYTHING and watch it immediately, as you can imagineIt resulted in a serious case of the Filofax Wants too.

(And then I found out it was J.J. Abram’s first movie—he wrote the screenplay—and that just blew my mind.)

Normal blog service (or at least, a form of it) should resume shortly—although in a movies-I-loved-in-my-childhood-spree, I have also ordered Troop Beverly Hills and Don’t Tell Mum The Babysitter’s Dead, so you never know…

In the meantime, here’s a little bit I wrote for about where I used to write, where I write now and why there’s a difference between the two.

Have a good weekend!

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7 thoughts on “Is Anyone Still Here?

  1. thebusinessofbeingbirds says:

    I’ve been avoiding my blog as well. But, I have been writing and adding more to the novel I started a million years ago. You know, that one we all ‘mean’ to get around to some day? 🙂

    Hope the vacation goes well!

  2. LPepWu says:

    I’m here! Adored your post on I am also co-working in an office space now, and apart from the getting dressed in the morning, the lack of distraction, the endless coffee… I’m allowed to take my dog! Couldn’t be happier and I also love the “coming home” at the end of the day. Plus, it means that people actually believe that I work now, as opposed to dossing around at home as people seemed to think I was doing before – see hilarious post from Talli Roland last week on this phenomena!

  3. Kirsty says:

    Hurrah for Filofax! I cannot believe you’re a Troop Beverley Hills fan too!
    “We’re wilderness girls and it’s coo-kie time!”

    You should definitley try Can’t Buy Me Love and if you haven’t already, What About Bob? with Bill Murray. Ooh, also Who’s Harry Crumb. xxxx

    • catherineryanhoward says:

      I’ll look out for those!

      I hadn’t seen Troop BH in years but actually, it was even better than I remembered; it’s really funny and there were a few jokes in there I bet I didn’t understand when I was 10! ;-D

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