Is Anyone Still Here?

[Whispers] Hello…? Is anyone still here…?

And if you are here, would you happen to have a very large cup of coffee on you, by any chance?

It’s been two full weeks since I last blogged, and I haven’t been on vacation. I have been planning the big 30th Birthday Vacation, but that’s another story, and not so time-consuming that I can blame it for a two-week blogging break. What I can blame—and what I will blame—is the coincidental meeting of a major change in my daily schedule and a serious case of the Blog Blahs.

Also, Taking Care of Business (known as Filofax to my childhood) arrived from Amazon on DVD; I had to drop EVERYTHING and watch it immediately, as you can imagineIt resulted in a serious case of the Filofax Wants too.

(And then I found out it was J.J. Abram’s first movie—he wrote the screenplay—and that just blew my mind.)

Normal blog service (or at least, a form of it) should resume shortly—although in a movies-I-loved-in-my-childhood-spree, I have also ordered Troop Beverly Hills and Don’t Tell Mum The Babysitter’s Dead, so you never know…

In the meantime, here’s a little bit I wrote for about where I used to write, where I write now and why there’s a difference between the two.

Have a good weekend!