The Birth of a Book (VIDEO)

So… that was pretty crazy, right? Yikes.

If you haven’t been around these parts in the last few days, you’ve missed quite the drama. In a nutshell: last Monday I received a suspiciously flattering e-mail from someone called Mogoli Angelberg that contained a link to a book about selling e-books by someone called Jeff Rivera. When I googled “Mogoli Angelberg” the only thing I found was evidence that he and Rivera were quite close friends indeed. On Tuesday I posted about it, and practically every day since some new revelation about Mogoli and his friend Jeff has come to light. It’s really been an education in how not to sell your e-book, if not how not to conduct yourself online.

If you haven’t read This Is An Ethical Way to Sell Your E-book? I Disagree yet—or you only read it the day I posted it, before all the updates were added which turned out to be even longer than the post itself—I suggest you make a cereal bowl of coffee and go read it now.

But I can’t stay on The Curious Case of Mogoli Angelberg forever more and so today, I’m moving on. With this amazing video of a book—a real book—being born.

Yeah. Put that in your Kindle and smoke it.

3 thoughts on “The Birth of a Book (VIDEO)

  1. Ashley McCook says:

    Wow. I’ve come over all emotional (I’m like that at weddings too) 🙂 Am cradling my latest read in my arms with even more love and respect now. Thanks for that.

  2. Debra Eve says:

    Last count in my library: real books – 400, on Kindle – 100. Will always love the feel and smell of the the real thing. Beautiful video, thanks!

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