Video Friday: Shakespeare & Company, Paris

I have a confession to make. Paris is my favorite place in the world but, in all the times I’ve been there, I’ve never been to Shakespeare & Company, one of the world’s most iconic bookstores. This is a travesty, I know—and one I will rectify at the earliest opportunity—but it’s just that every time I’ve been there, I seem to have been there with someone who hadn’t visited the city before and we had limited time. (Or I’ve been there with someone who hadn’t visited Paris before, I had limited time and I was there mainly to attend a Harlan Coben signing in La Defense.) Therefore I’ve seen the Eiffel Tower more times than anyone should, but I’ve never been to Shakespeare & Co. This wonderful video is the closest I’ll get to it for the moment:

Visit the Shakespeare & Co. website here (the homepage is currently a beautiful tribute to George Whitman, the owner, who died in December aged 98) or read about what it’s like to live in the bookshop in Time Was Soft There: A Paris Sojourn at Shakespeare & Co., a memoir by Jeremy Mercer. And although I’d warn against it, if you want to fuel your writing-in-Paris daydreams, invest in a copy of Eric Maisel’s A Writer’s Paris. You’ll be saving for a Parisian studio apartment rental before you reach the last page, I promise/warn you.

4 thoughts on “Video Friday: Shakespeare & Company, Paris

  1. Northsider Dave says:

    Catherine I think you have just shown me: Book Heaven.

    Hay-On-Wye is another wonderful book place that I have visited. It’s a village full of second-hand (and new) bookshops. Any good book shops in Munster?

  2. Marcus says:

    That video is excellent quality. There’s a longer documentary from a few years ago about the shop. I think George Whitman encouraged everybody who stayed there to read one book per day. At age 98, I wonder how many he must have read himself?

    It’s a great place and I have always been drawn to it. Difficult to walk by without going in. When I was there last, I went upstairs and there was a kettle and mugs for making tea and coffee. You were just supposed to leave a few coins. There were some sofas up there in a small maze of rooms lined with books.

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