The Answer To All Your Cover Design Problems …


… is Andrew Brown of Design for Writers. And finally—FINALLY!—there is a spot on the internet where you can go and look at some of his work.

I found Andrew quite by accident, and I think I was his first book cover client. (If that’s not true, Andrew, just let me believe it, okay?) Back when I was preparing Mousetrapped for the Big, Bad World, I realized that what CreateSpace’s Cover Creator was producing was forcing my eyes to close reflexively in an attempt to save themselves from the horror. But I presumed, as many self-published authors do, that to get anyone professional to even glance in the direction of my cover would cost thousands, or at least a lot more money than I had. And the thing was, I knew exactly what I wanted. I’d even mocked it up using MS Word. I just needed someone to build it for me using the proper design program stuff, and give it back to in the proper format and size. I tweeted about it and a Twitter friend, Rebecca, got back to me saying, “I think my husband could do that for you…” You can read more about this in what is now a very old blog post, A Cover Story.

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So Andrew did the cover for Mousetrapped. And Self-Printed. And Backpacked. And Results Not Typical, twice. (The original green one and the new pinky one.) And the covers of basically every self-publisher I know, because I’m always recommending him. Not only completely original designs, but conversion/improvement of author’s existing ideas (as with Mousetrapped) and updating of previously traditionally published books, as in backlists. But there was one thing Andrew wasn’t doing, and that was building his own website. He couldn’t do it, because he was getting so much work he didn’t have the time. But this morning he informed me that he has put together a Facebook page, which will do nicely for now.

The funny thing is, I used one of these covers—A Falling Knife—in the presentations I did at Faber Academy and Inkwell as an example of a great e-book cover. Attendees may remember I pointed out that it was “clearly an original illustration”, my implication being that you’d end up paying more for that than what I suggested, which was to go to Andrew and have a cover created from stock imagery. Imagine my surprise when I went onto the Facebook page and saw that very cover! Turns out it’s one of Andrew’s! (I know this sounds like I’m making up this story but honestly, I’m not. Actually happened.) So if that’s not testimony to his work, I don’t know what is.

Andrew has designed every cover in this post, and many more—and done them all for reasonable prices. Do pop over to Facebook to “like” his page and check out the rest of work, and when the time comes for your cover, get in touch with him.

10 thoughts on “The Answer To All Your Cover Design Problems …

  1. Andrew says:

    Hi Catherine. Huge thanks for the post and yes, Mousetrapped was indeed the first cover design I took on (it has pride of place on my bookshelf to this day).

    I thoroughly enjoy working with writers on their book covers and websites (the reason I still don’t have a site of my own is only because I’m super busy with other people’s…I am the plumber with the leaking tap!) and I’d be delighted to hear from anyone seeking out a designer for their cover or site.

    Your support has been great, right from those dim and distant days when I began Design for Writers, and I always like to offer a discount to your readers when you make one of these posts, so here goes…

    It’s a little different this time: if anyone is looking for bespoke website or blog design they can email me at with the code “CATHERINE SENT ME” and I’ll offer a 10% discount on the quote. The small print? To qualify the job must be booked before the end of March and the site completed by the end of September (payment on completion).

    There are some links to other sites I’ve designed on the Facebook page you’ve linked to.


  2. Sean Walsh says:

    Back last year some time, I came across your first mention of Andrew Brown – and followed up on it. So glad I did. I was preparing to publish my very first paperback on CreateSpace – Notes on the Past Imperfect – and contacted him re a suitable cover.
    Suitable? He came up with a wow of a design! A keeper! Way out of the ordinary – and
    yet so simple a less astute mind would overlook it in favour of a more contrived imagery.
    Don’t just take my word for it, Catherine, check it out, see for yourself:
    Indeed, some of my friends have teasingly quipped that the cover is the best part of my wee offering!.. (Cheek!).. Enough. I am away to check out Andrew’s page on FB – will it be out of the ordinary, I wonder?!
    A big Thank You, Catherine! as i sign off…

  3. Andrew says:

    Hi Sean,

    That cover remains one of the favourite covers I have designed, specifically because of the simplicity of the solution we found together, and it too will bee added to the Facebook Page in the coming weeks (I couldn’t get everything on there for launch).

    Stay well!

  4. Just a Girl and her Pups says:

    Having recently discovered your blog site, and then of course your books, I am constantly awaiting a new post with fantastic information. I have, in fact, been debating self-printing for quite a while and thanks to your site the process may not be as dreadful, once I actually push myself to get started. One of the things I realized, after scourging the internet, is that without a great cover artist, your dreams may flutter out the window. I had no idea that cyberspace readers were so drawn to a cover, oh the things we must learn. I also realized the importance of a great editor; I have to search your site for archived posts in regard to that topic. Thank you again for a wonderful site and terrific information that is easy to follow. Can’t wait to contact Andrew when my book is ready for a cover, hopefully sometime this year.

  5. ihatemoneylaundering says:

    Just to say that Andrew and I have been working on the cover for my book (just submitted to Createspace – thank all that is holy) and it was the best money I have spent in a long time. Having seen the care he took and the quality of the finished product, I question my own sanity that I ever thought of “giving it a go” myself. Thanks for the steer, Catherine.

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