Tell Me Your Self-Publishing Story

You may or may not know that I also blog about self-publishing over on Self-Printed on

You might well not know this because in the past few months I’ve been terrible at keeping it updated, but one of my goals for 2012 was to… well, get significantly less terrible at it. My problem is that I write reeeeeally long posts for Catherine, Caffeinated, and so I was thinking I should be writing reeeeeeally long posts for Self-Printed too. But that feels too much like hard work, so I’d keep putting it off and putting it off, and then one week would be come two, and then two weeks would become a month and half, and so on until Self-Printed began to grow cobwebs.

Well, no more. I have an action plan now for ensuring that Self-Printed gets updated by moi on a weekly basis—as it should—and that involves two key elements, one of which is mixing it up. (The other is allowing myself to post posts shorter than a few thousand words from time to time…) I’m going to do something different each week, rotating it on a four-week schedule, like this:

Week 1: Self-Printing 101

300 words-ish explaining some basic element of self-publishing, like a definition of a term or a summary of a website or other self-publishing service.

Week 2: Self-Printing Replay

A replay of one of my loooooooong posts from here. I really think you should dig out golden oldies whenever you can, because blog posts take so long to write it seems ridiculous to only give them one day’s worth of chances to be read. Plus I can tell by hits, comments, etc. which ones people found most useful.

Week 3: This Is Where You Come In

I’ll tell you about this in a second…

Week 4: Self-Publishing Roundup

5 of the most interesting and useful self-publishing links I’ve come across over the previous four weeks.

So, going back to Week 3. I think the best place to get ideas and inspiration for your own self-publishing adventures is to hear about the experiences of other self-publishers. So, I want to hear about yours. And then I want to post it on This is not only an opportunity to share any tips or tricks with other authors, but it’s also (let’s be honest) an opportunity to advertise your book— gets tens of thousands of unique visitors a month from all over the world.

If you’d like to get involved, there’s some guidelines:

  • We want to hear about why you self-published, how you self-published and what you’ve learned since you did
  • Link to one listing on, your website and your Twitter account—but please, keep the live links at that
  • You must send the post, in MS Word with the links embedded if possible, to info[at]
  • The post must not have previously appeared anywhere else; no material only, pretty please
  • Attach ONE book cover image and ONE author image
  • Please keep it between 400-1,000 words.

(I’m afraid I can’t say when your post will be posted, although I will let you know when it is.)

Previous guest posters here can of course submit new posts—the more the merrier. It doesn’t where you’re from either, or how recently or how long ago you self-published your book. I really hope you’ll want to be involved because I am genuinely fascinated by everyone else’s stories, especially if you have some tricks I can try too…

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