London Stuff, Another Course and a Debate

So… Bring Your Book To Market at Faber Academy went really well, as did my six-hour whistle-stop tour of London which included not only a trip to Paperchase in Covent Garden, but to Ladurée as well, where my café creme came in one silver jug and hot, frothy milk came served in another. Why can’t all coffees be like this, eh? P.S. Don’t Ladurée have the best website ever? I think so…

The Science Museum was like an unsupervised creche, but then it was half-term and I knew it was before I went, but silly me decided to stick to my Apollo-10-capsule-viewing plans anyway. It was totally worth it though because the capsule was amazing—burned heat shield leftovers and all—and I just went to my happy place to drown the screaming little people out.

There were really lovely people on the course—13 of them, I believe—with a real mix of writing experience and motivations for self-publishing and even though putting together that damn PowerPoint presentation had caused me to miss at least three nights’ TV, it let me run through the whole thing without additional notes and worked really well on Faber’s super snazzy smartboard-thingy. (Yes, that’s the technical term.) I think—I hope—they all left knowing everything I wish I’d known two years ago, when I first started this whole, ahem, adventure, so that they can do it better than I did. Also, the coffee kept coming. It was great.

Next up: the same presentation except with some extra social media bits and an extra hour, only this time it’s going to be at the Royal St. George Yacht Club in Dun Laoghaire, just outside of Dublin, on Saturday March 3rd, with Inkwell Writers. I’m told there’s only a small number of places left so if you’re interested, reserve yours now. The price is €125 and you can find out more here.

A few days later I’ll be in Dublin again, this time at the Irish PEN Debate at the United Arts Club in the city centre, on Thursday March 8th at 8pm. I’ll be on a panel debating the pros and cons of traditional versus self-publishing, and you can find out more about that here.

Finally, remember when Nicola Morgan stopped by on her Write a Great Synopsis blog tour a couple of weeks back? Well, I’m delighted to say that out of all the entries to her synopsis critique competition from all her blog tour stops (over 200 entries, I believe), the winner was from this very blog. Congratulations kristyes! Enjoy your expert synopsis help and other goodies, and thanks to Nicola for being such a fab guest.

4 thoughts on “London Stuff, Another Course and a Debate

  1. Andrea "The American Roommate" says:

    Laderee looks lovely…and there’s one if NYC. Must go next time I’m in town. 🙂

    Glad you had fun in London and that your presentation went well!

    • catherineryanhoward says:

      Oh my god they’re amazing. They’re famous for their macaroons—remember I had a box of them the first time we went to Madrid, a long narrow green box I’d got at Dublin airport? They obviously do beautiful pastries and stuff too, and their macaroons are just the best. (That’s not me saying it, but a generally held belief!) They have a concession store in Dublin so I’m going to pop in for a box when I go up there in a couple of weeks…. Mmm. Just thinking about all those macaroons now! ;-D

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