Video Friday: Sh*t Agents and Editors Say

After Sh*t Girls Say, Sh*t Bartenders Say, Sh*t Baristas Say and approximately 6,393 other Sh*t [Insert A Group of People] Say videos, Sh*t Agents and Editors Say was so inevitable that they put it in the title of the video.

From The Penguin Press, discovered through Caroline Smailes’ Facebook page.

If you’re looking for a procrastination activity—and you can’t, by law, call yourself a real writer if you’re not—and you have self-published a book, do take a few minutes to fill out The Taleist Self-Publishing Survey. The results are going to be soooo interesting, so let’s help them hit their target of 1,000 responders and make that happen.

Have a good weekend!

2 thoughts on “Video Friday: Sh*t Agents and Editors Say

  1. Hiten says:

    Hi Catherine,

    Nice video!

    I came across your blog via your guest post entitled ‘Am I Selling Books Just Because My Books are Cheap’. I’ve been a little sceptical about whether eBooks actually sell, but was inspired by your post.

    I look forward to learning more about this area from you, by visiting your blog! 🙂



  2. Martin J Frankson says:

    the survey gave me food for though and self-examination of my approach. I am reading Self Printed and its fantastic, it’s all wonderful advice. My dyslexia however will make it that bit harder to adhere to but I’ll get there with some help! Wonderful blog by the way. You’re very generous with your advice. Good luck

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