Gorgeous George and A Second Birthday

Two years ago today I started Catherine, Caffeinated.

You can read the blog post from that day—I held a competition for some coffee to mark the occasion—by clicking here. A lot has happened since February 1st 2010, writing wise, and I’m pretty sure none of it would’ve happened without this little blog. So Happy Birthday, Catherine, Caffeinated! You really deserve the cake I’m going to have today on your behalf…

Other than posting the above picture of birthday cake today, I thought I’d share links to the Top 10 Most Popular Posts and Pages Ever on Catherine, Caffeinated.

1. Coffee Break: George Clooney + Coffee = Nespresso

I am not even kidding. This the most popular post ever on this blog with 4,554 views to date. I’m trying not to take it personally.

2. The Self-Printing Page

At least it’s second, I suppose. And newly re-organized.

3. About Me

Who doesn’t love a good “About” blog page, eh? I definitely do, although that may just be because I’m nosey.

4. How To Format Your Book the Non Migraine Inducing Way

A golden oldie. No migraines guaranteed.

5. CreateSpace: A Timeline

Before I self-published, this is what I wanted to know above all else: how long will this take?

In honor of this blog's most hit upon post ever: I'm not a big Clooney fan because whenever he talks he comes across as being a bit smarmy, but I do like the Silver Fox thing he's got going on here.

6. E-books: The Tipping Point?

This post got me into all sorts of adventures: newspaper interviews, national radio, purple Excel graphs…

7. 5 Reasons To Watch Fade Street (Now, Bear With Me…)

Again, bit of a weird one. But apparently lots of people needed a reason to suffer through RTÉ’s dismal attempt at The Hills-style reality TV. Wait—that was a bit of an insult to The Hills

8. Why I Might Stop Self-Publishing Paperbacks

The most recent post to make it into this list, it hit a nerve with exasperated self-publishers of PODs. “No, Mum. I’m not surprised that they didn’t have my book in Waterstones…”

9. Publishing an E-book: A Checklist

Including a few of my thrown together stock photo covers. Woo-hoo!

10. Mousetrapped Monday: Jurassic Park

It warms my icy heart that this has sneaked its way into the Top 10. Did I tell you I got the super-deluxe-extra-special-two-hours-of-new-special-features-encased-in-a-snazzy-red-tin-and-comes-with-a-movie-poster Ultimate Trilogy edition on blu-ray for Christmas? YEAH I DID. I can practically smell your jealousy.

Here’s hoping that this day next year I’ll be gearing up to celebrate a third birthday without any Why Did I Even Start This Thing?-type resentment having set in.

Also, I know that lots of you lurk around this blog without ever saying hi, so why not say it today? Reveal yourself! We don’t bite. And it’s this blog’s birthday after all! And regular comment-leavers, you’re not off the hook either. Say hello! Stop me from all this exclamation mark abuse!

Thanks for reading! 

24 thoughts on “Gorgeous George and A Second Birthday

  1. Peter Jones says:

    Happy Birthday!

    I subscribe to a few blogs Catherine, but yours is the only one I pay much attention to.
    Thanks for keeping me entertained and informed for the past few months.
    Here’s hoping that your top ten list is even more interesting next year

    Peter 🙂

  2. Mike says:

    Happy Birthday! I found this blog just about a year ago today and it has been a valuable asset (along with your fabulous book “Self Printed”) every since.

    Many happy returns!

  3. Silvercat says:

    Okay, I am a serial lurker. But I have come out of the woodwork, put my cuppa coffee down, (regular old Nescafe – but, Gold Blend – there are limits, people!), and girded my loins, (ooh-er!), to say : HAPPY SECOND BIRTHDAY, CC BLOG! I love opening my (work – ahem) email every day to find something interesting in there from you – keep up the good work!

    Love & caffeine, Carolyn-with-the-lovely-earrings. (Who is going back to another MouseMeet this year – yay!)

  4. Northsider Dave says:

    “Only Me!”. Remember the Harry Enfield character? Congratulations on your blogs second birthday.

    I’ve been reading your blog for several months and I enjoy it. You make me realise that we only have one life and we should go for it! Have you never thought of starting your very own publishing press? I am going to order Self Printed today.

    Great blog.

  5. Anne Glennie says:

    Happy Birthday! But also thank you. Reading Mousetrapped was the main book responsible for inspiring me to pick up my pencil, but Self-printed has given me a light at the end of the publishing tunnel and a big kick up the bahookie too! Also, no wonder your blog is so popular… it’s got the best colour co-ordination – ever! Enjoy the cake and the birthday – it is well-deserved. 😀

    I’m crawling back into the woodwork now…

  6. Sally Clements says:

    Gosh. I admit it. I was one of the ones who clicked on the Clooney link yesterday. And it wasn’t the for the first time either. I pretended it was about a coffee machine, but who am I kidding. George was the lure. And I fell, hook, line and sinker. I guess in my defence, I could say I’m a romance writer so it’s vital research…

  7. Renee says:

    Happy Birthday, Catherine, Caffeinated! I look forward to reading your blog every Monday when my email blog subscription rolls in. Thank you for consistently entertaining and educating me on self-publishing. *Raises mug of coffee* Here’s to another year filled with success and adventures.

  8. Maureen Crisp says:

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for the advice over the last six months that I have been trawling through your blog and telling others about it in my blog…Raises mug of Nescafe Espresso! As you begin on your third year may it be the best yet!

    New Zealand

  9. Nicole Trilivas says:

    Happy Blirthday (Blog Birthday–not sure I pulled that off…)! I have your site book-marked as I’m a self-published author and in aw of your self-marketing prowess. Thanks for all the incite and keep up the good work!

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