Self-Publishing Workshops: A Little Reminder

In place of a blog post today, here’s a little reminder that I have two self-publishing courses coming up, one in London in February and one in Dublin in early March. I promise this will be the second-last time I’ll remind you about this, I swear.

Bring Your Book To Market

Faber Academy, London | February 17-19 2012 | £425

Throughout this three-day course, taking place at Faber’s offices in Bloomsbury, Ben Johncock and I will guide you through the steps to self-publishing your work online, and promoting it once it’s there.

Click here for more information.

Self-Publish Your Book

The Inkwell Group, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin | March 3rd 2012 | €125

The one-day course will arm you with the practical information, advice and insider tips you need to successful self-publish your book in POD paperback and e-book form, and to use blogging, Twitter and Facebook to help sell it.

Click here for more information.

If you’re nowhere near London or Dublin and you’d still like me to help you self-publish, you can always read this instead. 

2 thoughts on “Self-Publishing Workshops: A Little Reminder

  1. Sinead Ryan says:

    Hi there. As a newly self published author (Sept 2011), I had so much fun with my book which publishers said “wouldn’t sell” – first print run sold out!
    I’d encourage anyone to have a go, but do, do, do, keep an eye on your print costs – much cheaper since the recession and Irish too, but artwork can be expensive. And remember, being a good sales person is just as important as being a good writer!
    Best of luck with the work shop. Love to Babs.

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