A New Literal Cover for MOUSETRAPPED, Literally!

So yesterday’s post was about how The Literal Police are driving me ten kinds of nuts with their “She wasn’t ‘mousetrapped’ as she puts it—she didn’t work for Disney!” and their “I think there is a definition issue with the word ‘backpacking’—it NEVER involves a hairdryer” etc. etc. Who knew that book titles could cause so much trouble? Not me, which is why my next book is going to be called Whatever You Think This Title Should Be Once You’ve Read It.

But it was soooo worth blogging about because your comments were priceless, and they really made me feel better about the whole thing. And if they hadn’t, what David Wright sent to me late yesterday afternoon definitely would have…

[UPDATE: The Self-Printed cover should’ve said insane instead of sane. David sent me a new one, so I changed it below.]

I’m seriously considering switching them out. I could do it for seven days and make it a promotion, i.e. “Literal Week”…

Thanks, David! For more fun covers from David, visit his blog.

Click here to find out more about Mousetrapped, which is a book about a girl who worked in the geographical area south-west of Orlando, Florida that’s labelled on maps as the Walt Disney World Resort, on ground owned by the construction company who built Epcot Park which they received in exchange for unpaid bills on Disney’s part, in a hotel operated by a third party who are not the Walt Disney Company but who, in co-operation with the Walt Disney Company, called their staff ‘Cast Members’, dutifully sent them to Traditions, Disney’s orientation program, and employed the Disney terminology (back of house=backstage, uniform=costume, puddle of vomit=protein spill) at all times, and who was, at no time, help captive by a mouse. Jeez. 

6 thoughts on “A New Literal Cover for MOUSETRAPPED, Literally!

  1. Lindsay Edmunds says:

    Love these covers.

    With Self-Printed, shouldn’t the line be “These tips may also work for the insane”? Since you are thinking of doing a switch-out, you want to hit all the right lunatic notes. 🙂

    • David W. Wright says:

      Good catch – you are right! I meant to write “insane.” I was having too much fun and didn’t proof that one.
      I’ll send a new one over to you, Catherine.
      Glad you’re enjoying the covers.

  2. Jan Mendoza says:

    I have read both of your books and never ever once gave your titles a second thought! You were in the land of Mickeymouse AND you carried a backpack through S. America! Completely appropriate and catchy titles!

    I’m getting ready to put out my memoir of being one of the first female wildland fire fighters in California. I’m getting the nervous jitters of all of the “experts” coming out of the woodwork picking some of my “memories” apart! I’m getting mentally ready for the critics and how I will handle it!

  3. Angela Watson says:

    Love these new covers! HAH!

    Now, get back to writing and stop worrying about people who don’t understand what you’re writing about. They’re in a very small minority, and you can’t please ’em all. 🙂

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