Holiday Snaps

So I’m trying out this WordPress “gallery” business to show you some of my holiday snaps. Click on any image to see a larger size or click on the first one to start flicking through them in a snazzy carousel-type thingy. (Oooh, fancy!) Not sure how they’re going to look on Google Reader or e-mail so you may need to pop over to the blog to see them properly. They’re of Marrakech, Essaouria (Morocco), Rome and Valencia (Spain).

Can you spot my “Yes, I’m in the Vatican!” picture? And my man-standing-in-beam-of-sunlight-in-St. Peter’s-Basilica X-Files style snap? Incidentally I really liked the Vatican, especially since I found a medal flown around the moon by Frank Borman on Apollo 8 (my favorite mission!) and the Vatican flag carried to the moon and back by the crew of Apollo 11, along with some moon rock fragments. It was definitely a NASA-themed adventure in Rome, as on drinking “Rome’s best cappuccino” in Café Sant Eustachio (it was soooooo good), I happened upon a signed photo of NASA Administrator and Space Shuttle astronaut Charlie Bolden behind the counter, thanking them for the great coffee. Weird, right?

We had some great adventures—tip: don’t travel between continents on Friday 13th—so much so that you never know, you might be reading about some of them some day soon…

(Oooh, mysterious!)

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6 thoughts on “Holiday Snaps

  1. Andrea "The American Roommate" says:

    Lovely! Please be aware that I will be “borrowing” all of your souk pictures, as I have none.

    I’ve never been superstitious about Friday the 13th. But the more I think about it, I’m wondering if we had something to do with the Costa Concordia.

  2. shah wharton says:

    Love holiday pics and these are beautifully colourful and a tease – I so want to go to all of the above! Hope you had a great time. We recently came back from NYC and I put a photo essay on my blogs too. I did the same for Cape Town and the vineyards. In fact, I just opened a pinkest account and pinned these posts to a board esp for holiday pics. Love sharing the experience when I get home. Thanks for this. 🙂

  3. Martin Turnbull says:

    I LOVE looking a people’s holiday snaps – especially when they’re as spectacular as yours. Thanks so much for sharing – and kudos for figuring out that snazzy carousel-type thingy. Impressive! VERY impressive! Is that a widget, or a plug-in?

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