Catch Up If You Can

I’m baa-ack! Did you miss me? No, wait—don’t answer that!

In the craziness reunion yet of the “Duck and Tuna” girls (i.e. Andrea, Eva and I), we managed to fit Marrakech, Rome, Valencia and Madrid—and Chinese New Year celebrations, two taxi driver lightning strikes and approximately 294 cappuccinos—into twelve hectic but amazing days. I may pull out a slideshow of some of my many, many photos later in the week (especially if the motivation to write a proper blog post doesn’t show up soon…) but for now, here a few worthwhile reads that popped up while I was gone:

and you simply MUST watch this absolutely beautiful video, a spellbinding reminder that there’s nothing quite like a real book.

The only news I heard while I was away were Costa Concordia bulletins every 15 minutes thanks to BBC World News, but some stuff did happen in the self-publishing world too, namely:

and I saw a stack of Spanish language Amanda Hocking books in a FNAC in Valenica. Impressive, when you consider that it all started with her uploading an e-book to Amazon and Smashwords.

Also in the past fortnight:

So that’s that. Gone are my €1.30 cappuccinos at countertops in Rome; it’s back to making a vat of plain Jane coffee every morning and using it to keep my eyes open at my desk. (I may actually have to move to Rome for a while just for the cheap and delicious coffee. Rosetta Stone Italian, anyone?) And getting back to a daily word count. And wading through e-mails. And—

Well, there’s a long, long list. So, back to it.

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6 thoughts on “Catch Up If You Can

  1. Sara Rosso says:

    Stumbled onto your site “late” (just this month) but really enjoying all the resources you’ve gathered for self-publishers (and I bought the Kindle book, too :)). I only have two books published so far, but it’s lit a fire under me 🙂

  2. pierre l'allier says:

    Hello Catherine. Nice to have you back.
    I am a little concerned about the iBook thing. I may read the wrong blogs, or some people may have made wrong assumptions.
    I started at the Snowbook blog:
    and followed the link to the zdnet page:
    Has this gentleman misread something or is Apple saying that if you use their tool to format a book, you cannot sell it anywhere other than their store (and give them 30%)? Although you are allowed to export the plain text and re-format it from scratch elsewhere.
    Sorry to be negative.

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