Out of the Office (Or At Least I Would Be If I Had One)

This morning I’m doing one of my Top 5 Absolutely Favorite Things To Do—leaving the country—and as a result I’ll be disconnected from all things internet between now and Monday January 23rd.

If two weeks without Catherine, Caffeinated leaves you at a loose end, you might like to:

  • read one of my books. If you’ve never read anything of mine and you own a Kindle, you can get the whole lot for less than $5: Mousetrapped and Backpacked Too includes both my travel memoirs and is just $3.99, and my novel, Results Not Typical, is 99c. If like me you still prefer paperbacks, The Book Depository has them at discounted prices and they do free shipping worldwide.
  • join me in a Goodreads Reading Challenge. My goal in 2012 is to read 100 books. I read 54 in 2011 and left a further 9 unfinished, so I’m hoping that signing up and making it all official will motivate me to up my reading game. I haven’t finished a single book yet (!) but should be able to get started soon, especially with my 5-flights-in-10-days travel itinerary…
  • read this amazing post by Mark Edwards about his writing journey—alongside his co-writer Louise Voss—which as he puts it, was a case of going from “being left on the shelf to being on the shelf.” If ever there was a “never give up” tale of publishing success, this is it.
  • help me update Self-Printed: The Sane Person’s Guide to Self-Publishing. As soon as I get back, I’ll start work revising and reworking Self-Printed. If you’ve read it and you felt something was missing—or that there wasn’t enough of something—e-mail me through the Contact Page or leave a comment on this post and let me know. For example, one reviewer commented that she would have liked a bulleted check-list at the end of every section, and a few others mentioned how helpful an index would’ve been. Both of those features will hopefully be in the second edition of Self-Printed, due out in May (ish).
  • sign up to my mailing list, The Caffeinated News. So far there’s only been one edition and it’s nowhere near as entertaining as Karin Slaughter’s newsletter but, hey, I do what I can. And signing up will keep you amused for at least fifteen seconds. Click here to sign up.
  • book a ticket to come see me in the caffeinated flesh. I have two events coming up: Bring Your Book To Market at Faber Academy, London, February 17-19 (3 day course, self-publishing and social media, me and Ben Johncock, £425) and How To Self-Publish Books (or Self-Printed: LIVE! as I’ve taken to calling it; where can you get one of those handsfree mics…? [JOKE!]) with The Inkwell Group in Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, on Saturday March 3rd (1 day, €125).
  • write a review of/for me. If you’ve read Mousetrapped, Backpacked, Results Not Typical or Self-Printed and you have an Amazon account and five minutes to spare, Amazon customer reviews can really make a difference when it comes to selling self-published books. I’ll love you forever if you have the time to write one.
  • entertain yourself with some of the blogs I read. Here’s a few for you to try: A Cup of Jo (a gorgeous New York writer with a beautiful baby, a sexy husband and great taste—you’d be sick with jealousy if she wasn’t so nice and didn’t post links to so many pretty things—which I found through Keris Stainton’s blog. Thanks Keris!), Regretsy (“Where DIY meets WTF”—hours of endless amusement. My favorite category is “Not Remotely Steampunk”), The Fearful Adventurer (girl pushes herself out into the world; adventure ensues—funny and inspiring), Enough Talk, More Writing (fellow Corkonian takes off to the States to follow his dreams, ends up in LA), The White Elephant in the Room (heartbreaking but inspiring and beautifully written blog by a 30-something widow) and Julie Cohen’s blog (best bestselling writer’s blog ever—and I love a gal who plots with Post-Its!).
  • continue on with your life as normal without even noticing that I’ve been gone for two weeks because you only read this blog when you’re waiting for the pizza to arrive or the ad break to be over or when you’re at work, and so who gives a cupcake?

Travel wallet by Paperchase. Procrastination activity masquerading as being organized by me.

And can I just show you my travel document wallet? Isn’t it a thing of beauty? Don’t I seem to be painfully organized? Is that this month’s issue of Writing Magazine (available in all good newsagents in Ireland and the UK, priced just £3.75) in which the lovely Jane Wenham-Jones gives little old Catherine, Caffeinated a mention in her column on page 56? Yes, yes and why yes.

See you in two weeks!

3 thoughts on “Out of the Office (Or At Least I Would Be If I Had One)

  1. Rebecca Rivinius says:

    Catherine, I loved “Backpacked” and have “Results Not Typical” ready on my kindle for when I’m finished with my current book. I have enjoyed reading your blog about Self-Publishing. I knew it would not be easy when I decided to self-publish my own novel as an ebook but, of course, I still harbored some delusions of grandeur about great success. I have found it immensely difficult to promote my book. Self-publishing seems to be the “it” thing to do now and I feel like my book is getting lost amongst the millions of others. How do we compete with those who publish books written on a whim and offer them for free or publish them without even proofreading (I have read several that you wouldn’t even believe!) simply because they can do it for free and call themselves an author?

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