Happy Christmas!

Christmas Eve is probably my favorite day of the year, because Christmas is practically here and all the excitement, presents, food, food comas and Christmas TV specials are still ahead of us. I’m writing this post ahead of time but if I’d to guess I’d say that right about now—Christmas Eve morning—I’m knee-deep in red velvet cupcake making, half way through my first pot of coffee, looking forward to the annual Christmas Eve re-watch of the Father Ted Christmas special later and just bursting to give my gifts because I’ve really outdone myself on the great ideas for presents front this year.


Today is as good a day as any to thank all of you, lovely blog readers, for hanging around here this year and for not only reading my ramblings, but sharing them and commenting on them. I’m certain you’re all on the Nice list.

Have a very Merry Christmas! x

6 thoughts on “Happy Christmas!

  1. Ms Kansas says:

    Happy Christmas to you Ms Catherine. May you have a wonder New Year.
    You have made this past year happy for me with your books and blog. I still want too go to Disney World with you someday:)

  2. Lynnanne says:

    Merry Christmas! Have been following (lurking) on your blog for about a month now… Congrats on the books!

    Here’s to an “Emerald” Christmas! *clink (of coffee mugs).

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