A Crafty Catherine Christmas: How To Wrap an Annoyingly Irregular Shaped Gift

If you were around these parts this time last year, then you’ll already know that I am great at doing Christmas. Like, seriously great. Potentially better than I am at anything else, which is a bit worrying.

You can re-visit last year’s posts and check out my gift guides for writers, book-lovers and coffee-drinkers by clicking here, but today we’re going to talk about gift wrapping, specifically wrapping annoyingly irregular-shaped gifts.

1. Assemble your tools: wrapping paper, ribbon (material, not curling—it needs to hold some weight) and embellishments (I used a bow, a gift tag and a couple of these adorable mini jingle bells from Paperchase). You’re also going to need a box or other solid object whose base is bigger than the item you’re attempting to wrap. I’m using a DVD box-set for my shaving bag gift.

2. Wrap your box, sealing it at one end only. Don’t scrimp on the Sellotape—what we’re basically doing here is building a kind of gift bag, and the end you’re taping now is going to be the base of the bag, so it’s going to need to be strong. Once you’ve done this, carefully tip it upside down and slide out the box inside. You should now be left with a wrapping paper “bag” open on top.

3. Put your gift inside. You might want to add some tissue paper if there’s a lot of empty space in there with it.

4. Being as neat as you can, carefully fold in the sides so the bag begins to taper towards the top. Hold these folds with some tape. Then, just above where you’ve taped it, use a hole punch to make two holes, one on either side of the bag. Thread some ribbon through them, creating a handle. Then fold in and down all the paper above the holes, hiding the knotted and excess ribbon in the process. Tape it in place.

5. Finally add your gift tag and other embellishments to the front of your “bag” and then look smug while everyone expresses their amazement at your advanced gift wrapping skills. Bonus: it will impossible to tell what’s inside if, like me, you enjoy tormenting yourself with a game of What’s in This? in the run up to Christmas.

Or, buy a gift bag.

But where would the fun be in that?!

For maximum wrapping fun this Christmas, I suggest a visit to my favorite store in the whole wide world (at least it will be until someone opens one stocked only with Oreo Cakesters…), Paperchase. Visiting their flagship store in Manchester a few years back was the closest I’ve come to a religious experience, and when I discovered that they’d opened a concession upstairs in A-Wear on Patrick Street here in Cork, I was like an Amazon Hater finding out about KDP Select. (I lost my tiny mind, if that wasn’t clear.) This year I’ve used their miniature jingle bells, mini silver Christmas crackers and clear jewel gems to embellish my gifts.

All my wrapping paper is from Marks and Spencer’s, who have 3 for 2 on almost all their Christmas stuff.

Ah, go on. Tell me what you think...

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