Catherine’s Xmas Gift Guide 2011: 5 Gifts for Coffee Drinkers (+ 8 Other Ones Too)

If you were around these parts this time last year, then you’ll already know that I am great at doing Christmas. Like, seriously great. Potentially better than I am at anything else, which is a bit worrying. One thing in particular I’m really good at is finding perfect presents for people, which I’m guessing has something to do with the inordinate amount of time I spent online window-shopping when I’m procrastinating…

But, um, anyway. I’ve made a Christmas (or Holiday, American friends) Gift Guide. We’ve already done Gifts for Writers and Gifts for Book Lovers, so today is our final installment, Gifts for Coffee Drinkers. Since there is LOADS of stuff you can get coffee lovers for Christmas, I’ve ever so slightly broken the “5” rule today…

Clockwise from top left:

From left to right:

Clockwise from top left:

In other not very coffee-related news, I CANNOT stop listening to Cold Coffee by Ed Sheeran. It’s on constant repeat—it’s like Damien Rice’s O all over again. I can’t turn it off, and when it’s not on I’m singing it in my head. Listen to it at your peril, and then send me help…

You can re-live 2010’s exquisite home décor, too-good-to-open gift wrapping and adventures in calorie preparation—read: baking—by clicking here, if you like. Help a coffee-addict in need of caffeine this Christmas: tell every new Kindle (or other e-reading device) owner you encounter about my cheap and occasionally amusing e-books, pretty please. I find a Post-It to the forehead works wonders. 

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