It’s That Time of Year Again

Two years ago this month, I was holed up in a little holiday cottage in East Cork, writing Results Not Typical. I’d hit upon the idea after reading an interview with Irish crime writer Alex Barclay in which she mentioned that she’d written her first novel in a “series of holiday homes” around the country. Thanks to my then newfound status as unemployed/aspiring writer, I was living with my parents and working out of a room approximately the size of a large cupboard – Harry Potter had probably had more space than me. So this holiday home thing sounded intriguing. Especially since the summer was now over and with it, presumably, the majority of bookings. Who’d want to be down by the beach when it was freezing, wet and grey? Only me, as it turned out. I got a cheap rate and total solitude, and I managed to write the first draft of Results in just six weeks.

Inside the holiday home where I wrote Results Not Typical in 2009. It all happened at that very kitchen table. (Note proximity to coffee-making facilities!) 

Last year I had a trip to the States booked for October, so between the cost of that and its timing, I couldn’t get away to a holiday home. But there was still a novel to write. One of the editors who had read and rejected Results wanted to see something else, something different. I started work on it at home and got about 30,000 words done, but it was like blood from a stone. I just couldn’t get in the zone but there was too much going on in the house, and I was constantly interrupted. I wasn’t blameless of course; there was many a day when I somehow managed to time my afternoon coffee-making so that it coincided with Oprah and well, I might as well just sit down and watch it during my break…

So now that my self-publishing stuff has been sorted for this year, it’s time to turn my attention to Novel No. 3 (or finished Novel No. 2; last year’s efforts probably don’t count). I have a great idea for it – I hope! – and I’m itching to get started, but I don’t want to take any chances this time around. I want to get it right, and I want to get it finished. So I’m away in a holiday home again, but this time I’m really away; I figured some sun wouldn’t go astray…

Upgrade! So, on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being not even a little bit and 10 being you’re upchucking into your mid-morning coffee right about now, how jealous are you? 

I’ll still be blogging, of course, and reminding you all several times a day about the Results Not Typical blog tour for the rest of the month, but I’ll be a bit quieter on Twitter, Facebook, etc. My crown as Queen of Near Instant E-mail Reply will probably slip off too. But fear not: it’s not because I’ve suddenly taken a dislike to you. It’s because I’m sunbath– I mean, um, writing.

(Note that I haven’t told you where I am. That’s because I like a little mystery.)

The Results Not Typical blog tour continues. On Friday I was on Emma Newman’s Post Apocalyptic Publishing asking just who is it who’s reading all this 99c novels (because I don’t anyone who does), and today I’m on Love and Chocolate, the blog of the lovely Sally Clements,  talking about the headache of explaining what self-publishing means – and doesn’t mean – to family and friends. If you’ve haven’t already entered the Goodreads giveaway for your chance to win one of five paperback copies of Results, just what have you been up to?

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