Insert Snappy Blog Post Title Here

Those of you with mediocre-to-good observational skills will have noted that I only blogged once this week. (The horror! The shock! The uncharacteristic quietness!) The reason I only blogged on Monday was because my week looked like this:


Hmm. I appear to have a headache.


Ugh. It seems I have contracted whatever icky stomach bug thingy my sister has. I’m feeling all nauseous and flu-y.


Blurgh. Me. On my death bed. And to make matters worse I’m now in caffeine withdrawal as well.


Feeling better. Just in time for a box of books for CreateSpace. Pack those pre-orders!


The fact that I get to see American X-Factor tonight is pretty much all I can think about. (If you’ve seen it, there’s no point telling it was crap. I’ve read the reviews. I’m still excited because between US X-Factor and British X-Factor on a double, there is a reality-based single competition on every night this weekend. AND the Singapore Grand Prix is on. AND The Kids Are Alright is going to be on the movie channel. Oh TV Overlords, how you spoil us!)

Normal service will resume on Monday. Maybe.

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