Why Self-Publishers Need to Watch Their Manners

I’m over on Taleist today, a fabulous blog if you have even the mildest interest in self-publishing, guest-posting about why self-publishers need to start behaving themselves, or cop themselves on as we’d say here in Ireland.

“Amazon is effectively the adults’ table, and we self-publishers have been allowed to join. (And yes, I’m using the word allowed, because Amazon is a privately owned business who can sell what they want, not a democracy.) But the stunning success of a very few has imbued some of us with a rebellious over-confidence that seems to make us think we can put our elbows on the table, make faces in our food and throw peas at the other guests, and that we can do it ad infinitum without ever being asked to leave.But that just isn’t the case. If self-publishers don’t buck up and start acting professionally, if we waste these opportunities that have been handed to us on a plate, if we insist on taking advantage of the situation without keeping up our end of the bargain – producing quality content – then we’re going to get sent back to the kid’s table.”

Read the whole post here.

In other news, Self-Printed just got (ahem, another) five-star review on Amazon.com. D. Wright says, “Want more evidence of how great Self-Printed is? Before I read it, I’d planned to write my own “how-to” book detailing my process. But truth is, at the moment, I don’t think I’d come up with something that will top Howard’s effort.” That wasn’t exactly my intention – I don’t want to stop you from writing your own book! – but thanks so much for a great review. As for the rest you, you know it’s like 95% brand new content and the Kindle edition is just $2.99, right?

5 thoughts on “Why Self-Publishers Need to Watch Their Manners

  1. David Wright says:

    Thanks for the mention. It’s not often that a how-to book makes me laugh (in a good way). Great job!

    And don’t worry about beating me to the punch. You did a much better job than I would have at it. Now, having said that, if you happen to be coming out with a vampire thriller in the next couple of weeks, I’m gonna be very upset. 🙂

  2. Karina Halle says:

    Not surprised. I feel like I’ve learned so much about self-publishing that I could write a book…but why would I when you’ve done it. And so much better than I could ever… i mean, your blog really helped me learn the Create Space ropes better than anyone else 🙂

  3. Jason O'Mahony says:

    Catherine: Superb post on Taleist, right on the money. Maybe it’s because of my age (38) but I’m always amazed at the attitude of entitlement that so many indie writers have. I can still remember the moment when I realised that my dejected tome, sitting on my hard drive, might actually find a home after all.
    I agree with you, it’s Amazon’s ball, and if they were to segregate self-pubbed titles it would be disastrous. Having said that, I can see a time when it will be in their own interest to start setting some sort of quality threshold, ultra-controversial as that will be. When I see posts elsewhere where people talk about writing and posting a book in a month, I shudder. It has taken me seven (fairly casual, it has to be said) years to write two.

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